Make Your Moving Day Easier With This Checklist!

People are no longer finding the house of their dreams right off the bat and living happily ever after. More and more people want to see what’s out there, move around a little, and get more life experience! There are a number of reasons you might want to move. Maybe you need a bigger house. Maybe you have a new job. Maybe you simply want to see more of the world. You don’t need any excuse for moving other than that you want to.

All of that being said, moving can be a little bit of a hassle. If you have a mortgage, moving will involve lots of paperwork, fees, and lugging your belongings wherever you’ve decided to go. Renting makes it a bit easier, but you still need to consider a few things. You’ll need to find people/and or companies to help you get the job done effectively. You’ll need to know things, like the living costs of where you’re moving to. Planning your move at least 8 weeks in advance is recommended. To make it easier for you, the following infographic contains a helpful checklist:

By Moving Checklist Infographic

Could You Offer Bed And Breakfast Accommodation?

For those of us that love to travel on a budget, we all know the importance of great accommodation at a great price. The bed needs to be comfortable, and the room has to be clean. It doesn’t matter if the bathroom is modest as long as it is hygienic and serviceable! Knowing what is essential means we could be the best people to make sure our own guests get what they need too. So could you offer a bed and breakfast style accommodation in your own home? Would you want to?

If you have a family, it can be difficult to consider opening up your family home to strangers. But if your house divides up well, or you have an annex, it could be perfect. And generating an income from your own property could be just what you need to fund your next vacation! One of the first things you need to do is to contact your local authority. You’ll need to find out what the legal requirements are, and they may need to check your home is in good order to run as a business in this way.


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Of course, you need more than a great house to sell the idea of vacation accommodation. You need to be close to places of interest and tourist attractions. Your local tourist center will be pleased to help you identify the key things you could mention in your advert. They may even be able to help you produce and distribute some marketing materials.

Serving breakfast for guests means an early start. If you are willing to offer a home-cooked evening meal as well, your accommodation may be a more attractive option for vacationers. Not everyone wants to eat out every night. Of course, you may need to find some great recipes that you can master. And you may need a license to serve alcohol. This could be handy for your guests in the evening if you can run a bar too.

When you’re sourcing the ingredients, try to shop from local farmers and markets. You can find out which wines to stock on web pages like This will give you a good idea of what your guests may be looking for when they stay with you. You will also need to find good teas and coffees for breakfast and after dinner. And if you can accommodate children, be sure to have a kids menu and soft drinks available.

Laundry is a big job to do when you have a family. But when you’re letting a room out, you will have even more to do! You could outsource your laundry service. That way you can get all your table and bed linen done to a really high standard without having to lift a finger. Cleaning could be a big job too if you have several rooms to do. You may need to consider hiring in some help. Running your own bed and breakfast can be highly rewarding. Would you give it a go?

Music: Will You Ever Learn?


Verse 1:
So what’s the point in all of this
When you will never change
The days have pass, The weather’s changed
Should I be sorry Could I be sorry

I did it all, all for you
Hoping you would see
Your eyes are dull, your hands are clenched
Are we ready? Are we ready?

But you, you think about yourself
Only bu yourself
But what about…

Chorus 1:
Un-lonely nights
Romantic moments
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away

Verse 2:
You know me well, You know it’s wrong
Then what is it you feel?
You hide behind those perfect smiles
It won’t fool me, cause you already did

Repeat Refrain,Pre-Chorus and Chorus:

Chorus 2:
The perfect dates
The sweetest kisses
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away…


Old song but still a goodie.