18 Signs To Know If You’re Creative

You’re a creative person if..


1. You get creative ideas while doing something random. It usually happens in unexpected situations.


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2. You have skipped meals and sleep because you are so lost in whatever you are doing (Sleep is for the weak lol who needs sleep when reality is better than your dreams?)

3. You like expressing yourself in different ways. Painting, writing, singing, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you do it for a living :)

4. Procrastination is alright because you neve miss a deadline. You always get the work done the night before!

5. Daydreaming is a hobby you truly enjoy, everyday!

6. You always want to learn something new.

7. You can see situations in different views.

8. Failure won’t stop you from achieving what you want, you get knocked down but you always get back up. Always.

9. You’re the only one awake when people are sleeping and you’re sleeping when people are awake.

10. You take risks. And you failed a lot. But your hundred failures can’t compare to your thousand satisfactions!

11. You feel limitless. No rules. No boundaries. Everything is possible.

12. Boredom hits you often but you always find a way to stay active, maybe not with actions but in your mind.


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13. You like to create awesome memories. Either alone or with people who matters to you.

14. You’ve been told to get a real job. Becausethe creative thing you’re doing is something traditional people don’t understand! (I’ve been told to get a real job countless of times!)

15. You’re not good with numbers (Hands up!)

16. You are like a kid in some ways, and that will never change. A child always make something fun out of anything!

17. You adore your work and think you have made the best piece ever but give it a day, you’ll hate them in a way. Fickle-mindedness is pretty common when it comes to your own creations slash work.

18. You love. And and even if you’re afraid to love, you fall anyway.


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