3 Healthcare Career Options With A Difference

For most of us, the idea of healthcare offering flexibility to those who work in it sounds… odd. Surely healthcare is one of the least flexible industries? Workers go to work in the same clinic, often see the same patients, at the same time of day. There just doesn’t seem to be much scope for change which, if you’re the kind of person who thrives on new experiences and challenges, means you might immediately skip over healthcare and assume it won’t be for you.

In reality, though, working in healthcare can offer a huge amount of flexibility– you just have to know how to find it. So if you have ever wanted to dedicate your working life to helping others, here are a few ways you can do just that, without losing the flexibility you so crave.

Option One: Occupations That Set Their Own Diary

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Numerous jobs in the healthcare field allow the worker to set their own diary. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Counsellors and therapists will set their own schedule within a working day. They will decide when they have appointments, so if they need to schedule an hour off each day to take their child to school (for example), this won’t usually be an issue.
  • Massage therapists tend to control their own schedule to an extent, so have the same advantages as counsellors.
  • Physiotherapists also have a degree of flexibility over when they offer appointments.

These healthcare careers offer a genuine chance for flexibility. As a general rule, if the job entails taking appointments, then the you would be able to have some control over when those appointments are and manage your own diary. If you chose this option, you’d still be expected to stick to regular working hours, but these jobs are ideal if you might need a few hours break during the day.

Option Two: Working As A Locum Tenens

If there’s one area of healthcare that’s flexible, then it’s working as a locum tenens. This role is performed by fully-qualified medical professionals, who go where they are needed rather than always working for a specific hospital or clinic. If you crave variety, then this could be just the solution that allows you to explore the healthcare industry.

There’s always plenty of demands for qualified workers in a variety of positions, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding work if you decide to register with a locum tenens agency. You can choose when you’re available for work and when you’re not, offering you true flexibility. Hospitals and clinics will contact a locum tenens staffing agency when they are in need of help, and if you want to take the job, you can do so. If you don’t, that’s fine too– you’re a locum, and you can largely do as you please.

Option Three: Providing Online Healthcare Via Webcam

The final option is about as flexible as it gets; you can work from home as a healthcare provider. This is most commonly suited to qualified doctors and nurses, though online counselling is becoming more popular also.

Essentially, you can provide medical information to people via Skype. Many services are launching that pay medical professionals to do this. These services are popular because flexibility is something everyone needs more of; both doctors and patients, and not all patients have time to go to the doctor. Online services might be the future of healthcare, so you could secure your place early, and be ready to surf the crest of the wave.

Clearly, healthcare is not as inflexible as you may think. Do you think you might be tempted by one of the aforementioned ways of working, and lead to consider healthcare as a viable career option?

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