5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Originals!

If you have no idea what The Originals is, it’s a spin-off TV Series of the hit The Vampire Diaries. I wouldn’t say much about the series that you can find in their website and across the net but I will give you 5 reasons why you should watch this TV series just like how you did with TVD!

1. First obvious reason I will tell you is that, it’s a spin-off series of The Vampire Diaries and everything TVD is worth watching! I must say I’m happy that they made this series as TVD should focus about Elena, Damon and Stefan. If you’re curious about how the originals started and what they were before and now, then you should watch it :)


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2. It’s different than The Vampire Diaries. Okay I admit they are both about vampires, witches, humans and other supernatural beings but they have a different plot. What I love about the story is it’s focused solely about the originals, hence the title of the series. Even if I watched The Vampire Diaries since day one, I must say that both stories are really good but they aren’t the same :) These two series are really a must-watch!


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3. It’s family-oriented! Hahaha Fine, it’s still about vampires and all (not for kids) ┬ábut I love the fact that they emphasize on how important family is. That no matter what you do and what happens, your family will always be your family. One of my favorite scenes so far is when Elijah killed Agnes, the witch, and her followers because they threatened Hayley and her baby. It’s amazing how Elijah helps Klaus despite everything he has done, handing him to Marcel, not cool Klausie!


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4. I love Rebekah, she’s more human than most human in The Vampire Diaries. Her decisions, actions and everything she does is so adorb coz she follows what she wants and what she feels. Plus you get to see her lovelife before she like Matt :p I have to say, I smell something fishy about Marcel and her! Hahaha Let’s all follow the Original Queen! :)


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5. Last but definitely not the least, Klaus! If he isn’t a reason enough to watch, I don’t know what is! Hahaha I admit I hated his character in TVD because I was always Team Damon, but in the long run, I’ve learned to love the Original Vampire :p Joseph Morgan is just the best! And his accent is definitely a bonus! :) Now ladies, pick up your jaws, ‘coz it’s gonna drop! :p


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