6 Strategies On How To Be A Successful Freelancer

There are so many websites talking about how to be a successful freelancer but there are still some whose freelancing career is going downhill. Why? I don’t know what went wrong or why it’s not working but I do know that when you give something your best, along with a plan and maybe some unique strategies, you will surely reach the success you’ve been working hard for.


As a freelancer, here are six strategies on how to be a successful freelancer that worked for me:

1. When you communicate with your clients, remember the EOP (Early, Often and Professionally). This is very important because your project depends on what your client is asking for. When they contact you for a project, make sure to know all about the details and what they’re expecting from you as early as possible. Next, as the project is running, make sure to update them how’s it going. Last but not the least, it’s a no-brainer that you should have a professional tone in communicating with them. Leave those emojis for your friends, but a little :) won’t hurt if it’s appropriate. I have encountered clients who used more smileys than me :)

2. Don’t keep your clients waiting, especially if you’re the first freelancer they will work with. This is like shopping online, the shoppers want to receive the items they’ve purchased. If they don’t get a confimation email or hear from the seller and they have already paid, they worry. If you’re going for a vacation, make sure to set up an auto-responder to your email to let the people know you cannot respond right away. Chances are, they will find another freelancer who is readily available and easy to reach.

3. I like to discuss expectations before jumping on a project. I find it important to know what my client is expecting from me. If a client sets an unrealistic expectation or expect me to do something that I know is out of my scope, I decline the project. Don’t accept a project just because. Always choose quality over quantity. As a writer, it is better for me to produce a few high quality articles in a day than a dozen that’s mediocre.

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4. Before you start on the project, make sure to ask all the questions you have without annoying your client. Ask the important ones, like when someone is inviting me to write for them, my main questions would be “what is the tone of the article?” or “how many words do you want the article to have”. Don’t start working on the project if you have questions on your mind.

5. Never promise anything to your client. “I promise to deliver the articles in 3 days”, “I will finish filling up the spreadsheet tomorrow, I promise” or “I can promise you that this project will be successful”. These sentences can be your ticket to failure. Be realistic and make room for extras and emergencies. I have learned this the hard way especially because I live in an area where the power gets interrupted all the time. If I know I can finish the project in 3 days, I will tell them to give me 4-5 days. Clients get happy when you over deliver and finish ahead of time.

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6. Be a problem-solver and not a problem-identifier. When you tell your clients about the problems you encounter, make sure to present solutions as well. Anyone can spot problems but not everyone has the initiative to find the solution. As a content manager, all my writers can tell me that the articles has a lot of errors but not all of them will try and fix it. When you find solutions to the problems, you will be a valuable freelancer.

These are the six strategies on how to be a successful freelancer that totally worked for me. Hopefully this will help you too! :)

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  • Aleksandra

    March 20, 2015

    Also, try to always be available so that your client can contact you anytime if needed. That doesn’t mean you should sleep by your computer or with your phone of course.

    • Spicy Scribbler

      March 20, 2015

      Thanks for your additional tip Aleksandra. Exactly. Checking mails regularly is a must especially if you are expecting emails from your clients.

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