Airport Food: From Butuan to Cebu to Boracay and Vice Versa!

Going To Cebu – Boracay:IMG_2291

Snapshot of Butuan City Airport in Bancasi before heading to Cebu :) It’s getting better! :)


So hungry when I arrived in Cebu and even though I am not a fan of meat, Crave Burger has lean options, Veggie Burger, Tuna and Turkey if I remembered it correctly. (It’s shown in the picture above though haha)


Saw an episode of a TV Segment where they featured Crave Burger and thought this is a good time to try it!


You’ll have to wait after ordering though. They cook the patty after you order it. 


Here you go! 100% Pure Lean Burger :)


I think this is their Veggie Burger (Totally forgot if this is veggie or turkey!). And I would say it’s delicious. But who am I to grade this burger, I’m not a burger fanatic haha


I am not a fan of talking negatively about things so I will just say I enjoyed my tea in Tsim Sha Tsui.




They have delicious bananas though :)


Finally! Boarding time!


And I’m finally here! Boracay Airport (Caticlan)

Going Back To Cebu -Butuan:


I arrived so early because I booked from Southwest Tours and they picked me up early in the hostel. The Check-In Counters were still closed. And before I was able to get inside the airport, I waited for almost an hour outside because it was still closed.


They have coffee, tea and other beverages. Wasn’t able to eat breakfast in the hostel so I was dead hungry when I arrived in the airport.


Lemon and Ginger to lighten up my day! :)


It was still dark when I arrived in the airport because I was scared I will miss my plane (I don’t ever want to be left behind esepcially if I ‘m travelling alone! haha) And now the sun is up when we board the plane!


I guess I remembered it now! This is the turkey burger from Crave Burger again and Jumbo Fries (Ranch O’cheddar) from Potato Corner. So the burger earlier was definitely Veggie haha


Pure fruit juice from Fraiche Deli :) No sugar, milk and ice.