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Top 3 Mini Skirts For This Summer

Top 3 Mini Skirts For This Summer

Although most fashion experts will argue that it is still maxi skirt season, not all of us are tall skinny models who can pull those off. They may look sexy on a certain body type, but most mere mortals in them look like they’re wearing potato sacks. This is precisely why we have decided to pay another visit to the mini skirt department to see what’s cooking over there. So if you want to meet people online and amaze them, check out these types of mini skirts you have to try this summer!

#1: The High Waisted Mini Skirt

It is the high waisted mini skirt that rules the runways and streets of fashion capitals this summer. Every fashionista has at least one high waisted mini skirt in her closet that is tight enough to show off her tush she’s been working on at the gym since February. You can find them at really affordable prices that won’t set you back more than a few trips to Starbucks, but if you’d like to splurge, the high-end retailers always have your back. Since the high waisted mini skirt has been in style for a few seasons now, it won’t be tricky to find a top that is just light and tight enough that it can be comfortably tucked in. Pair with cute wedges or everyday flats and statement jewelry, and turn more than a few heads when you hit the town.

#2: The Pleated Skirt

The pleated skirt made a comeback several years ago, and from the looks of things, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. You’ll see pleated skirts of all lengths, but the uber cute ones are those that are above the knee. If you’re not crazy about the idea of wearing a high waisted skirt that shows off the midsection that so many of us are desperately trying to hide, a mini pleated skirt is the perfect choice for you. Pair it with a cute tank top that is tight and short enough that it doesn’t  hide the skirt, but can be wrinkled up just right to hide your tummy. If you go for a bright summer color, make sure you wear a white top with it for maximum effect. Dress your outfit down with a pair of flip flops or pair it with cute heels for evening, especially if your skirt is black.

#3: The Floral Skirt

You absolutely can’t go wrong with a floral skirt this summer. It’s so breezy, stylish and easy to pull off on any occasion that you have to have one in your closet as a go-to piece for an impromptu night at the movies or a date with friends at a fine dining restaurant. The only thing you need to worry about with a floral skirt is where to wear it next! Pair it with a silk top that matches the color of the skirt for evening or with the ever so versatile white tank top for daily summer activities, such as shopping or grabbing brunch with friends on a patio. Accessorize to your liking but make sure the color or design of your top is subtle so it doesn’t overpower the skirt.

Top 7 Low Back Swimsuits for This Summer

Top 7 Low Back Swimsuits for This Summer

Picking the right swimsuit is anything but easy, which most of the ladies can probably confirm. On the other hand, the rule of trends is certainly something that occasionally prevents us from seeing a bigger picture, so we unintentionally avoid some universal, all-body flattering pieces that can bring out our inner beach persona in the best possible way. Luckily, this is year is pretty much marked by low-back one pieces that look truly amazing on various body types (yeah, we’re even looking at the ladies who have profiles on bbw dating sites!). So, without a further ado, let’s take a look at these top 7 low-back swimsuits for this summer!


#1 Floral low-back one piece

Floral prints definitely resurged this season and thus made low-back one pieces way more interesting to wear. We have a piece of advice for the shyer amongst you gals: floral prints are a great way make a distraction from problematic spots on your body, which means that everyone will admire your romantic beach choice and won’t be spending too much time analyzing your figure. We’d say it’s a win-win!


#2 Striped low-back one piece

Speaking of strategies for great visual appearance, the striped low-back one piece could become your best beach accessory in no time. The design itself visually expands your torso and makes you appearance almost flawless. We dare you to choose stripes that go in vibrant colors because they will go amazing with your summer tan.


#3 Halterneck Deep V-neck one piece

Okay, we’re pretty much sure this would be Marilyn Monroe’s choice because its design unequivocally reminds us of that subtle retro style which, as it turns out, has never left out of fashion. Halterneck low back piece is destined for a bit bolder individuals that are not afraid to bring out their inner sexappeal to surface!


#4 High Leg Low back swimsuit

So, we’ve all watched “Baywatch” at some point of our lives, and we secretly wanted to be those gorgeous ladies that proudly sported a famous red high leg, low-back swimsuit. Now, we finally have a chance to succumb to our hidden fantasies. Experienced fashionistas approve!


#5 Low back with cut out sides

Cut-outs are also a big yes for this season, and even a must-have according to some famous haute couture names. Namely, cut-outs make really distinctive details on your overall beach outfit and certainly bring the entire low-back model to a whole new level.


#6 Low back swimsuit with zippers

We can also thank “Baywatch” for this one, but the truth is that an interesting detail such as zippers in the front or back can really make a huge difference on an otherwise classic low-back one-piece.


#7 Low back swimsuit in bold/neon colors

Apparently, bold/neon colors have proudly returned to the fashion scene a couple of seasons ago and are definitely here to stay. From electric blue to lemony yellow, choosing a low-back swimsuit in some of these colors could be a great choice for this summer indeed!


What do you think of our list? Yay or nay? Don’t hesitate to leave comments in the section below!


Top 3 Most Important Factors for Keeping Your Motivation Throughout the Year

Did you make a new year’s resolution way back in January, to live better, be healthier, work less and play more, but now when you look back, you have fallen way off track? Is it even more obvious when you’re looking through social media and celebrity Snapchats and you see all these gorgeous and successful people, who are not all that different from you, yet somehow they have managed to keep their motivation throughout the year, and are getting results that are seriously paying off.

Instead of getting jealous or mad, it’s probably time to get even with yourself. And that doesn’t mean take revenge, but get your ‘stuff’ together, so you can actually start achieving the goals you set out for yourself at the start of the year. There are several factors that you need to consider and systems you’ve just got to set up in your life if you want success. Nothing in life gets accomplished without a plan, so creating a plan that works for you, is important, if you want to last the year.

Factor #1: Have a Plan

Having a goal is great, setting it into motion is another thing. You need to have a plan and realize what it is you want from yourself. Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want to make more money? Are you looking to move? Or go back to school, or plan a long-term vacation. Whatever you goal is, you have to have a plan and break it down into small bite-size steps. When you break it down, you can see what short-term decisions you have to make to get to the next step. And so forth, and so on. When you have a plan that is set out weekly or monthly, then you can monitor your progress, and assess your effectiveness, and then figure out if your plan needs some adjustments or alterations. With a year long plan, it will be hard to fall off track, when it’s staring you in your face on a daily basis

Factor #2: Have a Schedule

No great project or decision or campaign has been launched without a schedule. If you look at successful people, they have a schedule, from when they eat, to sleep, work and travel. They can predict themselves and rely on those predictions. Which means smart actions become regular habits. So it doesn’t matter what your goal is, with a schedule and time set aside daily to meet those goals, you are more likely to keep your motivation high, and with small successes, it will further motivate you to keep going.

Factor #3: Have Support

The people in your life, who love you and want you to be happy will support you and those are the people who you need to keep closest. They will help motivate you when you’re down and feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and if they know what your goals are, they will keep you on track when you stray. Support is an important factor because no one can go at it alone, and it’s so much more satisfying when you achieve your goals with your loved ones at your side, cheering you on.

Work in these factors into your yearly plans and goals, and you’ll see a huge difference in your motivation and effectiveness. Get a plan, put it in a schedule, and then gather your support, and by the next new year’s, you should be clinking your glasses to battles won.