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What Apps Does Every Young Person Need?

Our phones have become our personal computers to carry around with us wherever we go. Remember when your teachers would tell you that you need to learn how to solve 𝑥 without a calculator because you won’t have one when you’re older? Oh, how wrong they were.

Smartphones now can have pretty much as many different apps and services as you want on them. The sheer size of their potential has exploded in recent years and only looks like it will improve in the future. Here are some of the essential apps that every young person needs on their phones.


You’ve got to keep an eye on your finances, and so downloading applications that will help with this will take a lot of the stress associated with money away. Online banking is a must for everyone, allowing you to check your balance whenever, wherever, as well as transferring money between accounts. Furthermore, for the frivolous among us, consider taking advantage of the Moneyspire app for budgeting and help you know where every penny goes.


We used to be able to fit about fifteen songs on our phones, back in the days of the Sony Walkman (ah, the memories). But now, we have every song ever written at our fingertips. While these services cost – gotta make sure those artists get paid – it will make those runs or long journeys a breeze, and maybe introduce you to your new favourite artist along the way.


More and more now young people are considerate about their health. Smoking and drinking among young people are down, and there is a more substantial emphasis on helping those in need. Health apps come in all shapes and sizes and cover everything from eating right and your physical health, to helping you cope with mental health issues. This is something that has been given far more attention in recent years, but professional help is still expensive to come by. Having a supportive network in your hand at all times has the potential to save many, many young lives.

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Yeah sure, it’s kind of like health, but probably deserves its own heading. Getting in the adequate amount of exercise is something that is being embraced by young people all over the world. Now that you’ve found a fitness routine to suit you, itis time to start putting the work in. Fitness apps cover a whole range of different activities, from the gym to just a simple run around the neighbourhood. Many can be used in conjunction with one another, such as route planner apps, which know how fast, far, and frequently you run, and work out your calorie loss from there.  


We are all living hectic lives, so it helps to be as organised as possible. We don’t need to use little diaries anymore. Instead, everything we need to know can be found on our phones. Services like Google Calendar, linked with Gmail, can keep your appointments up to date, while you can also download apps that can make your office more efficient with workplace platforms such as Slack and Trello.

Getting the right apps for your phone, or even tablet or PC, will revolutionise your productivity and help you reach whatever goals you might have set yourself this year. There’s a lot in your life that you need to balance, and so ensuring you have the right services on hand whenever you need them will save it all from toppling.


Car Accident Causes: Who, Why & How To Avoid Them

Driving is such a common activity for most of us that we don’t really think about how dangerous it can be. We know that road accidents happen, but we practice a little cognitive dissonance and assume they won’t happen to us.

While the above is practical — we wouldn’t drive at all if we focused too much on the likelihood of accidents! — it can also give a false confidence when you’re behind the wheel. It’s important to remember that accidents can and do happen, as well as taking the time to understand the causes. To help improve your knowledge, and thus make you a better driver, read through this list of common car accident causes, so you know what to avoid in future.

#1 – Other drivers

Sadly, it’s important to address a simple fact of road safety: sometimes, you can be the best driver on the road, but it won’t keep you from car accidents.

This is obviously an unpleasant thing to have to digest. We humans like to feel that we’re in control at all times. We’d like to think that if we hold our hands at the correct position, always keep our cell phone turned off, and behave impeccably when behind the wheel, then we’re going to be safe. This, unfortunately, isn’t the case. We can’t guarantee that other drivers are going to be as conscientious as we are, and you may find yourself a victim of an accident that is completely not your fault.

While this is disheartening, it’s comforting to know that there are a few ways to deal with this reality. The first occurs behind the wheel; many of the mistakes made by other drivers can be avoided if you ensure you always have your focus on the road. If you see a car driving dangerously, then simply get out of their way, going as far as to pull over if necessary. The second comforting fact is, if you do get into an accident that isn’t your fault, then you do have the opportunity for compensation. If this unfortunate scenario does occur to you, you can find more info here on how to at least right the financial wrongs of another driver’s incompetence.

#2 – Timidity

You probably weren’t expecting the idea of timid driving to be the cause of accidents. It doesn’t quite seem to make sense; surely a driver who is timid and careful on the road is less likely to get into accidents?

This isn’t the case; timidity is just as, if not more, likely to cause accidents than aggressive drivers. Timidity suggests that the driver is lacking in confidence, which in turn tends to result in poor decision making. Given that driving is just a sequence of decisions, this doesn’t bode well for their safety on the road.

If you’re a timid driver, there’s no harm in having a few refresher lessons to help improve your confidence and decision-making skills. Alternatively, try and identify the situations that make you feel particularly nervous — such as heavy traffic or confusing junctions — then practice them until you feel your confidence level begin to rise.

car safety

#3 – Distraction

Under the label “distraction”, you will find the following causes of car accidents:

  • Using a cell phone for texting or internet use while driving
  • Using a cell phone to make calls during driving (which is distracting even if you use a hands-free device)
  • Having a lively conversation with passengers
  • Being too tired to be fully alert on the road

All of the above qualify as distractions because they all involve your focus not being 100 percent on the road. If you’re using your phone, engaged in debate, or yawning and wishing for your bed, then your mind isn’t going to be where it needs to be. The end result of this distraction is that the potential for accidents is greatly increased.

No matter how skilled a driver you are, the need for focus on the task in hand is always important. You likely know this, but we all have those occasional bad habits that mean our focus slips. As we get away with those focus slips the vast majority of the time, we’re not forced to adapt our behavior. However, if we get away with those distracted moments 99.9% of the time, there’s always a chance the .1% will result in an accident.

Try to limit your distractions while driving, and take action — such as taking a break — if you feel that your attention has been wandering. When you combine all the different forms of distraction, they make for the number one cause of car accidents, so this is definitely an issue to take seriously.

#4 – Vehicle problems

Finally, some car accidents are caused by vehicle malfunction or failure. However, the number of car accidents with this cause is probably lower than you expect.

The reason for this is that modern vehicles are safer than they have ever been. Accidents of the past have lead to safety innovations that keep us all safe when we’re driving. Provided you practice proper maintenance on your vehicle, the chances of your car being the cause of an accident is very low indeed.

If you neglect proper maintenance, such as checking the tread on tires or your oil levels, then the chances of an accident begin to rise. While car maintenance isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, it’s definitely a task that you’re going to want to undertake. The safety of the time you spend on the road is imperative to good maintenance by yourself, as well as regular servicing via a qualified mechanic.

Remember: while car accidents are relatively common, they can — to an extent — be avoided and prevented. If you follow the tips above, you can improve your odds, and ensure that the time you spend on the road is as safe as it can be. While it’s impossible to ever be 100% assured that you won’t experience an accident, you can ensure that 100% of the time you are driving as you should be– if you manage that, then the odds will definitely be in your favor.


5 Services The Young Professional Should Never Be Without

In this day and age, it’s only natural that you’re going to want to put your all into your career. Right now, it’s more possible than ever to reach your dreams. Whether that means you want to start your own business or chase the corporate career ladder, you can. But at the same time, when you’re putting everything you have into making your career take off, it’s quite the understatement to say that you’re leading a busy life. So much so, that you may not have a lot of time for anything else. But your life still must go on. So, that’s why you need to look into the right services to help you out. And as a young professional, here are five services that you shouldn’t be without.

Virtual Assistant

When you’re super busy, it’s safe to say that a personal assistant comes in incredibly handy. However, at the same time, you may not really have time to hire someone to come and work for you – literally at work. But, you still need somewhere there. This is where the virtual assistant comes in. Think of them as the new personal assistant. Because they can take on any jobs that a personal assistant might, like booking appointments and arranging travel, but still be based remotely. And this will fit in well with your busy lifestyle.

virtual assistant


Working super long hours doesn’t leave you with an awful lot of time for anything else. Not only does this mean that you’re not really able to take on anything too strenuous outside of work, but you’re not going to be all that great at keeping your home together either. Nevertheless, it still needs to be looked after. So, hiring a housekeeper could be a smart move for you. For the few hours that you are home, it will always be kept together, and you won’t have to worry about that yourself.


The chances are, you’re not going to be all that free to find the love of your life either. While it’s a nice idea to see yourself locking eye with someone in your favorite book store, you probably just about have time to order on Amazon. But if you do want to find love, you need an efficient executive dating service to help you instead. Then, you’ll be able to find the right kind of person that you want to spend your life with, without the hassle of dating.

Car Service

And then there’s also transport to think about. If you’re so busy that you tend to travel a lot, or you’re always on the go heading to meetings and events, you’re going to want to opt for a car service. Sure cabs can be okay, but they’re not always reliable. But with your own service, you know you have transport ready for whenever you need it.



Finally, you need to get yourself some subscriptions in place too. From weekly food or snack deliveries to data storage, when you have everything you need on subscription, you won’t have to worry about reordering, as everything will be ready and waiting for you on time.