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The Must-Have Colouring Book For Every Adult!

Colouring is a popular activity for kids but it is also therapeutic for adults as well. But how is it therapeutic? According to Colour-Meanings, “When an adult colors these repetitive patterns, s/he actually experiences mindfulness and even reaches a meditative state. This has even been proven by several scientific studies.”

One of our favorite adult colouring books is “The 10 Depths of Existential Steeze“. It has ten themes of Existensialism and the designs really resonates with your soul. Click here to own one now!


There are a lot of benefits in using adult colouring books but here are out top favorites:

  1. It’s a good stress reliever.
  2. It’s a good form of meditation.
  3. It reduces anxiety especially if you’re constantly stressed.
  4. It help you re-discover yourself.
  5. It sparks up your creativity.

Do you like adult colouring books? What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

Writing A Business Book? Read This First!

After you’ve had enough success in business, things can begin to feel like they’re slowing down. The start-up period is stressful, but fast-paced and exciting, and full of different challenges you need to overcome. When that starts to calm down, you’ll have what you were aiming for; a stable, profitable business. A lot of business owners, looking for a new challenge, will begin writing a business book. If you want to do this, here are a few important things to consider.

writing business

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First of all, a platform. Writing this book might be something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, for your own reasons. However, entrepreneur that you are, I’m sure you want to turn some profit from your literary work. In order to do this, you’ll need to have a solid platform. Think about the target market, and how large it is. If you restrict your book to too much of a niche, you may be harming your sales well in advance. Make it too general though, and it won’t stand out from its competitors. It may be worth having a look at your social media following, and the popularity of any blogs you run. Publishers deal with numbers. They’ll want to know how many copies you’re capable of selling.

Having a solid incentive in mind can be very beneficial to the overall direction of a business book. I hate to break it to you, but business books don’t make a lot of money. These days, literature doesn’t make much money period. If you can do it for the love of writing, then that’s great! However, it’s probably far more likely you want your book to serve some kind of purpose. When a business owner publishes a book, it gives them more credibility. It can also spark engagements with other professionals. If it has a strong enough link to one of your products or services, a book can do a lot to complement other streams of revenue. This article on Entrepreneur goes into more detail about this.

writing business

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The last major thing to think about is the means for promoting your book. In some cases, the publisher is your answer for promotion. Once you get published by a leading book publisher like Motivational Press, sales will pick up immediately. However, you can’t always rely on a publishing company to do the work for you. You probably have a lot of experience in marketing other products or services. Promoting a book is a little different, but not so much that it’s a completely new science. You should try to establish a good network of podcast hosts, bloggers, and similar digital content producers. It’s always a good idea to boost your online presence in the run-up to the release. Release excerpts, and look into press releases on influential platforms. If you want people to read your book, they have to hear about it!

When writing your business book, make sure to think about these three factors. Incorporate them into your writing and promotion plans, and there’ll be nothing holding back the success of your book.  

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review

This post is long overdue and I have been itching to write about the movie but I got so busy with work! Ugh. On the lighter note, I have done all my projects for the week so I am finally free to put my thoughts into words right now :) It’s 9:39pm and here’s my take on the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie! Fifty shades of grey movie review


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After graduation, one of my best friends sent me the Fifty Shades of Grey eBooks and I never looked at neckties the same way again. Haha! Kidding aside, the book wasn’t so popular here in the Philippines at that time or I just didn’t know that people were reading it too, like me.hehe But one thing’s for sure, I got over the Grey Fever long before fellow girls slash women went gaga over Christian Grey. (But then again who knows, everyone might’ve read it and they just kept mum about it haha!)

I’m not going to compare the book with the movie, like I always do whenever I watch a movie that is book based. It’s because I want to save myself from frustration which I had when I watched a movie that was book based and it turned out to be completely different from the book. Sigh. To be honest though, I wasn’t much of a fan of the actors playing the characters in Fifty Shades. But I must say they have really played the role really well. I liked how they stirred the same emotions I had while I was reading the book and yes, (Insert the name of the actor who played Christian Grey) Jamie Dornan was a great Christian Grey (must be all that running! hehe). Clap clap! At  first I thought the tandem wouldn’t work but I was wrong. He and Dakota were perfect!

Another thing I really admired in the movie was how they brought to life the most intimate scenes from the first book. Even though the movie was full of blurs and black holes (Not sure if other countries censored it too) and the number of intimate scenes weren’t as many as it was on the book, it was still really good. I wasn’t able to watch it with my best friend but to quote her words, she said “it was classy”. I’ve never really connected the world classy to steamy lovemaking especially if it was Christian Grey doing it. Haha! Until the movie though, it was indeed well thought of and very well played by the actors. *insert S&M song here by Rihanna haha!*

If you still haven’t noticed it yet, I love the movie! It was worth the wait. By the time the movie ended, I needed therapy haha! Just like I always do whenever a series ends. I was back on my Grey Fever but this time, at least there’s a movie I could watch over and over again if I have to. Although I think I might re-read the book again.

If you haven’t watched the movie yet, watch it. If you haven’t read the book, read it. It’s totally worth your time. My favorite book was the third one. What can I say, I’m a hopeless romantic and I love happy endings that’s why most of my favorites are the last book of any series. :)

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*Wrote this blog post last night but I didn’t have any internet connection