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15 Solutions For Twentyish Problems

Your twenties should be a fun time, but actually, it’s a point life that is riddled with issues and errors that you’ll have to deal with from financial to personal. Without further ado then, let’s explore the twenty problems that you will definitely face in your twenties. These issues are virtually unavoidable, and by knowing that, you might just be able to cope with them all.

1) No Experience

This issue is related to your career. In your twenties, you won’t have been on the job market long enough to gain any experience. You’re an untested, untrusted commodity and that makes getting a job difficult.

Solution: Freelance and voluntary work is your friend here. It’s a great way to build up your experience because employers are more willing to hire when it’s not a great risk to them. You can learn more about freelancing at

2) Low Income

If you’re lucky, you’ll be out of college and straight into a job. A little unlucky and it could take you between six and twelve months to find a permanent position.

Solution: Make sure you are budgeting effectively and look for part-time work as well as side hustles. One will help you ensure you always have money and the other will put some extra cash in your hands making those bills easier to pay.

3) Get Married

As you reach the end of your twenties, you’ll find that a lot of your friends are getting hitched and walking towards the altar. At this point it can feel like a lot of pressure is on you to do the same.

Solution: Remember, not everyone meets their true love at eighteen. If they did, the divorce rate wouldn’t be nearly fifty percent.

4) Where Are Our Grandkids?

Similarly, your parents might be eager to start rocking a new little one on their knee. Again, it can put a lot of pressure on you, and this is particularly true for girls.

Solution: Kids aren’t for everyone, and even you do want children lots of people these days have kids a lot later in life. You can read more about that on

5) Buying A Home

It’s seriously difficult to get a home in your twenties, but at the same time, there’s a lot of pressure for you to buy one. To claim a piece of land as your own. The problem is that homes are expensive and a mortgage puts a lot of pressure on your finances.

Solution: Only buy a home when you have raised a large deposit. This will make the mortgage easier to handle and ensure that it doesn’t drag you down. Homes can be a debt trap if you can’t afford to buy in the first place. can help you find the right deal on a loan for your home.

6) Juggling Spare Time And Work

You need to work your fingers to the bone in your twenties to make sure you progress quickly and get where you need to be by thirty. But at the same time, you don’t want to miss out on some of the joys you’ll only encounter when you’re young. So, the problem here is effectively juggling time.

Solution: Set days in the week to let off steam and days to work late or go the extra mile in the office. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

7) Finding The One

Let’s get back to relationships for a moment. In your twenties, you may start to search for the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. But remember, you’ll spend thirty percent of your day in work, a good twenty-five asleep and at least fifteen in traffic. That doesn’t give you much time to meet anyone at all does it?

Solution: Don’t dismiss someone because you meet under weird circumstances be it a blind date, a setup or a person on the tube. You might find they are the person of your dreams.

8) Dealing With Debt

It’s hard to deal with debt when you’re in your twenties. It’s also almost impossible to avoid completely because you will have bills and costs that aren’t covered by the typically twenty-something income.

Solution: Make sure that you understand the ways to deal with debt like debt consolidation. According to, it’s possible to clear up your debt in no time and make sure that it isn’t always hanging over your head.

9) Car Trouble

You need a car in your twenties for personal and business reasons. But what happens if it breaks down and needs a repair. That could be an expensive cost that you won’t be able to afford.

Solution: Make sure that you are keeping a little money back each month. You probably won’t be able to cover the entire cost, but you should be able to make things a little easier on yourself.

10) No Money To invest

You are probably thinking you should be investing money in your twenties and that is absolutely true. You definitely should be but how is another question. After all, the chances are that you are not going to be making enough money to save AND invest.

Solution: You need to look at smaller investments that are more manageable like penny stocks. Penny stocks are great because they will allow you to grow your money without too much cash injected at all. Since penny stocks are unproven, you should be able to buy them pretty darn quickly.

11) Ugh Adulting

Yes, when you hit twenty you start to become an adult, and that means paying taxes: Yay! Before you start to fret about this, it’s important to realize that taxes won’t be an issue for you if you know what you’re doing.

Solution: Be honest and make sure you’re giving the money you owe to the government. Otherwise, you could find yourself in financial and legal trouble.

12) Moving Back Home

An alarming number of twenty-somethings are now moving back home after they finish college. This has, in the media always been depicted as a loser like move. You might even feel embarrassed to return home, even for a short period.

Solution: You need to suck it up because the benefits far outweigh the negatives here. By moving back home, you’ll find things a lot easier financially which may be exactly what you need if you have struggled to find work or made any sort of impression on the job market. Leaning on your parents or family now will ensure that one day you can live truly independently and reach a fantastic level of financial freedom.

13) Not Getting Your Dream Job

Very few people are going to get their dream job in their twenties. This type of progression in your career will take an awful lot of time, and anyone expecting different should prepare themselves for the worst. Essentially, like most people you will have to pay your dues.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone here. A lot of people are exactly in the same bubble. We wish we could say there was a  solution to this issue, but there really isn’t. The only thing that you should remember is that eventually, you will have the job you desire. You will be able to feel good about where you are in life, and you will make a solid income.

14) Monotony

Go on Facebook and life in the early, and late twenties probably seems pretty good. You’ll see people heading off to foreign countries, perhaps engaging in awesome experiences. Very rarely will you see a post about someone actually doing office work?

Unfortunately, that’s typically exactly what your twenties is. It’s a lot of later hours, it’s work that feels totally familiar day in and day out, and it’s an endless slog to a finish line that is always too far away.

Solution: While we’ve painted a rather bleak picture, it’s important to realise that it doesn’t have to be that way. Your twenties can be exciting you just have to make the most of it. Book holidays and if you can, do go on extended adventures. You won’t get a chance to do this later in life, and it doesn’t have to mean extended time off work. You can work on the go with blogging jobs, travel writing and plenty of other sources of income available. To those who want to take a massive leap in this direction. Remember, life is what you make and if you don’t want your twenties to be dull, you can change your situation.

15) Feeling Old

This last problem may feel weird right now, but eventually, in your twenties, you may start to feel old. You’re not alone feeling like this. A lot of people in their twenties begin to look at 18-year-olds and other teens and feel ancient. This is a particular problem if you are still living a rather active nightlife in clubs and such.

Solution: Remember you’re not! If twenty is old, then we all might just give up right now. Your twenties can be the best years of your life so don’t let the fact that there are people younger than you and more carefree get you down. That will always be the case, and it shouldn’t get in the way of your fun.


How To Pick Out a High-End Diamond Ring

So, you’ve chosen to propose to your beloved — congrats. What’s more, you’ve chosen that rather than her selecting the engagement ring, or planning one together, the most romantic move is to pick it yourself. Congratulations once more. You are going to leave on a scary jaunt into the avid cosmos of jewel choice.

Well, before you choose this, all engagement rings appeared to be identical: A gleaming rock on a lovely band that will cost a considerable measure. However, in the event that you’ve just jabbed around, you most likely saw that there are quite around one squillion and unending choices to browse — and reams of data about each part of the procedure.


It’s not only a maxim: Numerous young ladies truly do lounge around at early lunch discussing their dream engagement ring. Before you set out on this ring business, active Frodo, approach your better half’s tight-lipped companions for hints about cut and style.

You’ll likewise need to start the procedure knowing your better half’s size. On the off chance that you can obtain a ring from her reserve to take to the gem specialists. On the off chance that she’s a little butt-centric about her gems and may see, utilize a pencil and a bit of paper to follow within the ring, and bring that. Or, on the other hand, slip one on your finger and utilize a sharpie to stamp how far down it slides. It’s simpler to estimate down, and neither of you needs to manage a mid-proposition knuckle stick.

Splitting the four Cs

Odds are, you know your sweetheart’s taste — and her companions may have tipped you off on her most loved cut, or the way that she loathes rose gold.

That would be much too simple! It is currently your business to find out about precious diamond — a procedure that broadly begins with the four Cs. Any diamond dealer will cheerfully give a full introduction yet you’ll need to go in prepared. Information is strong control over coaxing sales representatives. Here’s a fast summary of ring language:


This alludes to the stone’s “considerations” or flaws, which incorporate tiny mineral stores and cracks in the stone. Numerous defects are too little to see without an amplifying glass. The scale runs between F, for perfect, to I3, for the most considerations. SI1 and SI2 have slight incorporations, yet will shimmer.


This is the point where individual taste and shimmer come in. How well a precious stone reflects light, ranges from magnificent to poor. Odds are great you’ve additionally been advised on the shapes your better half likes: Round, princess, emerald, pear, marquise, brilliant, heart, Asscher, pad, and so on. For what it’s worth, the princess should be extremely famous right at this point. A few shapes reflect light in the flashier path than others, as you’ll definitely see at the shop.


Obviously, an ideal route around purchasing a family jewel: Purchasing an old precious stone. In the event that it was mined at least 50 years back or more, it didn’t originate from the present clash. Vintage adornments additionally accompany additional estimation and relying upon her style, additional taste-focuses for you.

Obviously, you’ll have more research to do. Think about the contrast between Victorian (most seasoned), Edwardian (second most seasoned), and Workmanship Deco (third most seasoned, and most well-known) rings.

Realize that jewel cutting innovation has progressed throughout the years, and old rings might not have the symmetry and sparkle of more up to date ones. What’s more, realize that shading patterns have changed throughout the years. While splendid white is currently viewed as tops, individuals used to like their precious stones tinted marginally rose, green, or yellow. Lastly, realize that numerous truly old wedding bands include pearls, which are delicate and not incredible for consistently utilize.

Try not to blow the bank

You’ve likely heard that men ought to spend in the vicinity of two and three month’s pay on a wedding band. That detail, which is obviously crazy, likely leads a ton of men to put wedding bands on a credit card. Perhaps don’t do this? Obviously, you need your better half to love her ring, yet there’s a considerable measure of data out there connecting separation to cash issues, particular obligation.

Additionally, know the alternate routes with respect to the data above. Take the Carat. Value drops pretty fundamentally when the carat plunges underneath an entire number. A .9 carat jewel will be significantly more affordable than a one carat precious stone. Princess, oval, and pad cuts are on the whole more affordable than round cuts, which cost the most. What’s more, the pronged setting is regularly the slightest costly on the grounds that it utilizes the minimum metal.

Likewise, on the off chance that you need to run with a modest carat, there are approaches to cheat a little on the measure. Radiance settings, where the stone is encompassed with smaller diamonds, can influence the stone to look greater and shinier, and oval cuts look the biggest.

Wrapping It Up

So, these are the things that you need to consider when you go to buy a high-end diamond ring for your loved one.

I hope you do like my post. Please share it as much as you can and help others to find the right diamond ring for their partner. Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this. Till then, have a good one.

Author Bio

Evie Jones is a jewellery designer associated with an Melbourne based Diamond Company, an online store that offers round cut engagement rings at affordable cost. Evie has an experience of working with the renowned team of diamond craftsmen. In mean time, Evie loves to explore and share the latest diamond ring trends with others.

Millennials, Dating And Social Media

Millennials, Dating And Social Media

If this was a romantic novel, we would have titled it “Love in the Time of Social Media”. However, we won’t be sharing an epic love story with you today, but don’t go away, because we’re here to talk about a serious topic that concerns all Millennials (people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century). Dating and social media have been coexisting for quite some time now and this intriguing combination is constantly redefining romance for millions of young people. They all want to become Instagram stars with thousands of admirers and suitors. However, most of them want to achieve this goal without leaving their comfort zone and this new age of technology allows them exactly that. Now, let’s see the full impact social media has on these young minds and their dating life.

Flirting Via Facebook Chat Is Much Easier Than Approaching Someone In Person

It’s no secret that younger generations suffer from social anxiety which makes them rather awkward in public. This is exactly why they prefer not to leave their comfort zones. They are extremely vulnerable and, let’s face it, approaching someone in person can be terrifying. These youngsters simply can’t deal with this particular level of stress, so they choose to stay at home and flirt with people while sitting comfortably behind their laptops. Chats and applications like Facebook Messenger allow them to analyze the thing they want to say and they are not able to do this in person.

They Don’t Talk, They “Follow” Each Other On Twitter

Yes, social media has made it easier for anxious people to flirt and enjoy the perks dating life, but there are certain negative effects people usually neglect. For example, since these networks appeared, young people practically stopped talking to each other. It’s all on the internet now. They tweet every single moment of their life, so when you think about it, they really don’t have much to talk about during real-life conversations. Nowadays, most Millennials know everything about their friends just by following them on Twitter.  This eliminates the need for socialization and that can be rather dangerous.

It’s Easier For Them To Lie

Unfortunately, lying is a big part of the dating world, however, lying in person is much harder than via the Internet. People are constantly exaggerating in order to impress their date, and these social media platforms allow them to get away with it. Nonetheless, the truth always prevails in the end and this kind of behavior causes a lot of trust issues among young daters.

Rejections Via Chat Can Rather Brutal

Everyone is afraid of rejection. This is the number one fear in the world of dating and it’s completely natural. Now, even though approaching someone online can be easy, rejecting a person can be even easier. This basically means that people don’t have empathy and compassion when they’re turning someone down. It’s safe to say that online rejections can be pretty brutal and devastating. This type of a turn down can shatter anyone’s confidence, so it’s no wonder people nowadays don’t have the courage to ask someone out.