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Mind Over Matter: Staying Motivated To Stay Healthy

Making the conscious choice to live a healthier life isn’t just about eating better or going to the gym on a regular basis. It’s about being healthier in your mind, and for that, you need motivation. Motivation is the biggest tool necessary for anyone who wishes to push ahead with their lifestyle change, and if you don’t have motivation, then you won’t get very far.


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Motivation and weight loss are truly a case of mind over matter. If your head isn’t in the game, you’re already onto a loser. Everyone and anyone can tell you how to lose weight, the best tips for exercise good for your body time and what food you should try but ultimately, it’s up to you to stick to your new lifestyle. What you need is to keep your interest in the journey you are taking and to do that, you need to follow the tips below!

Make Today A Good One. Envisaging the physique that you want through eating well and exercise is one thing, but have you ever considered that you have to feel good about the body you already have instead of the one you want? It doesn’t matter how big or small you are right now, you have to feel okay with the body you have to be able to feel okay with the body you want to have.

Rope In Friends. part of staying motivated is the support the people around you can give. Get a group of friends together and go for group training at a local fun workout class. If you are all keeping each other accountable, you can stay far more motivated than if you were going it alone.

Have Positive Role Models. Celebrities in the magazines? They’re not real. While the digital era has brought us some wonderful inventions, Photoshop has been one of them and it’s because of Photoshop that we get an unrealistic impression of the celebrities adorning our favourite reads. Choose role models that are realistic for you, and emulate those who inspire you.

Know Your Triggers. Overeating is a big part of uncontrollable weight and if you understand which foods are your weaknesses, you can learn to manage how much of them you eat. Finding a weight loss program that suits your triggers and body type should show you how much these vary!

One Step At A Time. Instead of changing everything at once, make a point of having one change per day that works for you. Smaller, more manageable steps to a gradual lifetime change and overhaul is sometimes the only way to stay on the healthy track!

Forgive Yourself. A big part of staying motivated is not allowing yourself guilt. If you have a day where you slip off the wagon and eat a meal you didn’t count in your calories, it’s okay. A bad day doesn’t make for a bad life, and you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel defeated by it.

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Your motivation is going to define the remaining part of your lifestyle change – keep it burning for as long as you can!


Forget Fad Diets Or Extreme Exercise, Here’s How To Really Help Your Health

When we think of getting healthy, we often think of set cliches. Now, having a great diet and working out is good for you, there’s no doubt about that, but they are not the only factors that can determine your health. In fact, most of the time, they can actually point towards bad levels of health. If you ever find yourself jumping on the latest diet trend, or exercising excessively (or not at all), diet and exercise are actually doing you more harm than good.

So, for the first time in your life, you’re going to stop focusing on what you eat and how much you move. Instead, you’re going to place a lot more emphasis on the idea of holistic health. Health isn’t just limited to diet and exercise after all; it’s made up of so many little contributing factors that, when you can control them, can make a huge difference to how you look and feel.

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One of the most important things that you can ever do when it comes to your health is to change your outlook. Instead of seeing your body as the enemy, embrace it. Realize that you have to nourish your body to see it grow, develop, and function in the ways that you want it to.


Right now, you probably see food as either a treat or a curse. But, you need to start thinking about food as fuel. The reason we eat is to stay alive. Without food, we will stop functioning. Yes, food can be tasty and a form of enjoyment, as passion even – for some, but its primary purpose is to fuel our bodies. So, it’s time that you start seeing food as more than just a treat or that thing that makes you fat – you need to see it as a tool. In doing so, you should eat more foods that provide you with endless health benefits, and not just look and smell good.


A key element of any healthy lifestyle is sleep. Far too many people see sleep as that thing we do when we’re tired. And yes, we do sleep when we’re tired, but that’s because our bodies are craving the break they need. Instead, you should see rest as another health tool. When we get enough sleep (around 7-8 hours each night), our bodies heal, repair, recover, and reenergize. Without it, we can be cranky, bloated and lethargic. So, from now on, stick to set sleeping and waking times, and you’ll soon see a difference in your energy levels.


While we’re on the topic of energy, it’s important to know the ways that you can keep your body as energized as possible. Remember, health isn’t about an image; it’s about a state of mind, a feeling, a way of life. So, working on being full of energy can help you to achieve your optimum level of health. Being active is a great way to boost your energy. You don’t have to run for hours on end or break your body in the gym to do it either. But, doing a little bit of exercise everyday will make all of the difference.


Although you may think that nourishing your body is enough, if you really want to reach your best levels of health, you need to make sure you protect it too. To keep your body running, you need to make sure that it’s safe to perform at it’s best levels.

Keep In Check

First of all, one of the best ways to stay on top of your health is to stay on top of your health checks. We all know that we need to make regular visits to our doctor and dentist (if you haven’t got one, use a site like to find a local office), but how many of us actually do that? It’s the same for things like eye tests, hearing tests, and screening tests for major illnesses that could affect us at some point in our lives. So make sure to book your appointments and then attend them!

Stay Clear

Another protective factor that doesn’t always get adhered to is staying away from the sun. The sun does actually have some really great benefits for the body, like increasing vitamin D levels, but it can also be highly damaging too. Not only does prolonged sun exposure age us, but it can cause cancer – meaning you should do what you can to say out of midday heat, or cover up if you are out in it. Wearing the right SPF will also help you out. It’s the process of burning the skin that is the most toxic of all, so it’s always something you should aim to avoid.

Top Up

When you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercising, you can often feel as if you’re doing good health wise. But, sometimes, food can be quite sneaky. Depending on your chosen diet and lifestyle, you might not be getting all of the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. So, if you really want to look after your body and protect your health, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re taking a vitamin supplement (or a few) each day to top up your levels.


And finally, it’s important to remember that health isn’t all about being hard on yourself, it can be fun too. When you look at health holistically, it benefits your body. You need to be able to take care of yourself, reward yourself, and treat your body well. When you do, it will flourish. Being strict with diet and exercise does have its perks, but it’s the rewards that will make a world of difference.


Relaxing your body is just as important as letting it rest. When you sleep, you recover – but you’re not always able to completely unwind. When you’re stressed, you can often fall asleep and then wake up in the very same state. But, when you relax your mind and body, you’re letting go of your worries. Regardless of the way you choose to relax, it’s important that you make time for it. Whether you head to a spa, take a long bubble bath, read a good book, or even have a girly pamper night, your health needs it. Treating yourself well can go a long way, so never feel guilty for taking some time out.

Goal Get

In life, and in health, it’s important to have goals. Without them, you can be aimlessly wondering around, day after day. But, when you have a vision or an end goal in mind, your days are worth while – they’re taking one step closer to achieving your dreams. Milestones can help with this. Whether you have a health goal, career goal, or life goal, by setting steps to follow, and allowing yourself one hell of a reward at the end of it, you’re encouraging a healthy mindset and seeing it through.

Go Easy

It’s easy to be hard on yourself. We all do it. If perfection didn’t exist (and come on, let’s face it, it doesn’t), we would all be a lot happier. But, instead, we often chase endless desires that benefit us in no way at all. So, instead of pushing yourself to the extreme, instead of comparing yourself to others, instead of beating yourself up, just stop. Be kinder to yourself – it will work out a lot better in the long run. And if you’re not too sure how to change your outlook, practice mindfulness. It will clear your mind, regroup your focus and show you what your priorities really are. And what could be healthier than that?

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4 Brave Ways To Make A Change In Your Life

Change isn’t easy! Us humans are creatures of habits, even if those habits are ones that aren’t serving us well. That means it can take a lot of willpower and patience to get out of them. There are a lot of choices when it comes to things to change to improve the quality of our lives. Read on to see if any call to you.

Change our job

As we spend most of our waking time either studying or working, this is one we need to get right. A change here could mean a change in fields or career. It may be time for you to do something new that challenges you.

Another useful change can be to reexamine our priorities about work. Are we taking up too much of our valuable time, working? Even when we could be doing other things that are more enjoyable, and help us to balance our professional and home lives? If you are missing out on spending time with family or loved ones for a job you hate, then it might just be time for a change!

Change our diet


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Another brave change you can make in your life is to change how you eat. What we eat has a massive effect on how we feel and how we look. That means if you aren’t feeling so hot or looking your best, it may be in part due to what you are consuming.

It’s all too easy to grab sugary junk food when you are on the go, but the ingredients in these items don’t nourish our bodies in the long term. That is why it is good to make a positive change by increasing the number of fruits and vegetables you eat and decrease the processed food you are taking in.

Change our habits

Another great change to make it our live site to end a bad habit. This is one of the bravest changes you can make because it is often a source of comfort and solace. From, drinking too much coffee to smoking or using drugs millions of people use these as maladaptive coping methods, all over the world.  

For smaller scale problems the individual can make gradual steps that mount up to a big change. For example, they may cut down their coffee consumption from 5 cups to 4, then to 3 and on and on, until they don’t have any at all.

For those that have a more serious problem that is affecting their health and family life, it can be useful to go to a place like an Addiction Rehab Center. Then they will be able to benefit from professional support to wean them off their addictions and make a very positive change in their life.

Change our appearance



Changing our appearance sometimes call for a little bravely, whether it’s trying a new lipstick shade, or dying our hair a crazy color.

It’s good for us, though, because changing the way that we look can refresh us, and make us feel more like who we are inside. It can also give those around us a gentle nudge to sit up and take notice of who we are right now. Not just judge us on their past experiences of who we are.

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