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Working Out On A Budget: Fitness & Finance

It’s not always easy to get through your usual workout routine when you’re on a budget. Maybe you lost your job recently? Maybe you’ve taken a cut in salary? Maybe you found that you were losing too much money on a monthly basis through your workout?


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If this sounds like you, we’ve got just the ideas you need. A dwindling budget doesn’t mean you need to stop working out entirely. There are lots of ways to stay in shape, and you don’t need masses of money along the way.

Freeze Your Gym Membership

No, we’re not telling you to totally ditch the gym membership for now. After all, it might be your favorite way to get fit. That said, during the summer months when the sun is shining, there’s no need to be indoors. If you’ve found that your routine has taken you away from the gym, you can always freeze that membership. Most gyms will be happy to do this for you for a certain period of time until you’re ready to start paying again.

Look For Coupons & Trials

If you’ve never taken the time to search for coupons and trials, you’re missing out. The internet is full of fantastic deals to aid your workout routine. Do you want to try a new gym for free? Check out the masses of free trial periods you can find via a Google search. Do you need workout gear? If you want to look for JCP coupon codes, for example, you’ll come across plenty of choices.

Get Outside!

We hate to be all obvious and everything, but why not get outside? It doesn’t cost anything, you know! Start exploring the possibilities around you. Are there any great walking routes that you could explore? Are there mountains to be trekked? You might even find a local group that goes running around the area on a semi-regular basis. What better way to get fit than by making friends with like-minded people?

Ditch The Supplements

Alright, we know that there are some good supplements out there. But, you don’t need them in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle. You might even find that you’ve been taking supplements that aren’t all that healthy! This is an expensive cost that isn’t a necessary one. For now, ditch the supplements and focus on going back to basics.

Go Back To Basics

Speaking of back to basics, it’s time to start adapting your routine a little. All that gym equipment you were using before – do you even know why you were using it? Take the time to research the pros and cons of workout equipment. Go back to the basics and start with the bare minimum. Then, only invest your money in the necessities that your workout requires. You’re bound to find that you’ve been using far too much needless equipment over the past few years!

Working out on a budget really isn’t all that hard. It’s simply a case of being smarter with the way you go about your routine. There are plenty of ways to save money, so get out there and start doing it!

Going Vegan: 3 Major Ways It Benefits Your Health

Many, many people go vegetarian, but not too many go vegan. It’s the next step in the process which can further improve the health of your lifestyle.

Besides making your wallet a bit heavier (meat is expensive), going vegan has many health benefits. From a better quality of sleep to making it easier to manage diabetes, let’s run down the major 3!


Much easier to control your weight

It’s a concern that most of us have when it comes to eating, yet it’s so hard to keep in check. From the temptation of chocolate and sweets to the ease of ordering takeout, our weight is difficult to manage.

So wouldn’t it be great if it effectively managed itself? It might sound like a too good to be true fever dream, but in reality, it’s a possibility. By going vegan you eliminate a lot of foods from your diet that would otherwise have helped you pile on the pounds. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Meats, of any variety and cooking method. High in fats and salt.
  • Milk – by eliminating milk, you also eliminate chocolate and yogurt. Both high in sugar.
  • Cheese – incredibly high in unhealthy fats and salt.

As you can probably tell, the list goes on, and the benefits only increase. Animal products are typically high in fats and salts, two ingredients which contribute to weight gain a great deal. By going vegan, you remove the temptation to consume these foods, simply because you aren’t allowed to.

If you’re diabetic, it can remove stress from diet planning

Because, by going vegan, you’re effectively cutting out a lot of the foods that will make your condition worse. The very best food for diabetics are vegan, as this food contains less fat, less sugar and less salt. Animal products like red meats are packed full of fats and sugar, which can both lead to heightened blood pressure.

This, in turn, can worsen your condition, and a vegan lifestyle ensures you won’t ever touch these foods. Diabetic diet planning is really complex, and lots of things must be taken into account. By narrowing down the types of foods you can eat to a select, healthy few, your condition becomes much easier to tolerate.

Your quality of sleep will improve greatly

Nobody really knows exactly why vegans get a better quality of sleep, but many studies have shown this to be true.

A lot of the signs point to increased digestion ability. Animal products like meat and fish are harder to break down than leafy green vegetables. If you’re a vegan, you won’t be eating these foods, meaning your digestion system will greatly improve.

Now, this increased digestion ability could be the reason why vegans sleep better. We all know that eating before bed isn’t good, as it can keep you awake for longer. But by eating foods that are easy to digest, our bodies can shut off and sleep a lot quicker.

And that’s the list! Hopefully I’ve convinced you to take the plunge. Thanks very much for reading!

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Are Your Ready For Summer? Make Sure Your Are With These Handy Tips!

Summer is upon us, and it’s so nice to be able to think about wearing dresses and ditching the jumpers for a few months. That being said, Summer is always the time to start thinking about your mind and body and making some changes. It just feels like a good time to overhaul your lifestyle. So I thought I would share with you some handy tips to making sure you and your body are ready for summer.

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Staying hydrated

Keeping yourself topped up with water in the heat is one of those things we should automatically do. But yet many of us can forget to keep hydrated. In reality, becoming dehydrated can make us feel very unwell, especially in the heat. We can get wrapped up enjoying a few drinks with our girlfriends, but if you can keep a trusty bottle of water with you at all times. Not only does it keep your body in check, but water is a natural detox. It has many benefits including keeping your skin in tip top condition.

Losing a few pounds

Many people look at summer and see a bikini in their future. That scares many women today. It shouldn’t. We all have beautiful bodies and this whole need for a “bikini perfect” body is adding more pressure to women of today. Of course, sometimes we all may want to lose a few pounds. But make sure you do it in a healthy and controlled way rather than something extreme. You can get a little help for burning fat; Garcinia XT Review online has much more information.

Thinking about your skincare

During summer, we are more likely to have our skin on show. Many women don’t tend to wear much makeup during the hotter times of the year. So now is the perfect time to rethink your skincare routine and perhaps make some changes. Not only for your face but your whole body. Considering you may want to wear some cute summer dresses. Let’s also not forget that you need to make sure you apply a decent SPF to your skin all over when you are out in the sun. This protects from burning and harmful UV rays.

What fashion choices to make?

Summertime fashion is so much easier to work with. You have the essential maxi dresses that can work for any occasion. The cute summer dresses for gorgeous evenings at sunset. Let’s not forget the chance to wear those comfortable sandals at any point in the day. But don’t forget the accessories. Sunglasses are a must along with a decent bag to carry everything in. When it comes to shopping for shades, make sure you try a few different styles. This is so you can figure out the best style for your face shape.

Make the most of it

Finally, don’t forget to make the most of the time you have. Getting outside and enjoying the good weather as often as you can. Summer is a great time to catch up with friends and family, so use it wisely and cram your diary with as many social gatherings and fun things as possible.

I hope these handy tips help you get all ready for the Summer ahead.

*This post is contributed to Spicy Scribbler Blog