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4 Careers For People That Value Independence

Being independent and liking autonomy can often be seen as a positive skill in life, but in the traditional workplace, they are always overlooked for values such as being a team player and following instructions. But there are some careers out there that need a higher level of independence than others. Read on to find out what they are.

Graphic designer – freelance


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Doing anything in a freelance way is usually a good way of getting more independence at work. It basically means that you are your own boss. So you set the projects and the standards in conjunction with the client that you are working with at the time.

The majority of freelance graphic design work will be done solo, which gives you a great range for making choices on a project but don’t forget that the end product must fit the customer brief too. Although, once you have a successful client base you will be able to pick and choose more of what projects you ultimately take, and so what task your talents will be directed towards.


Being a writer is a great career for anyone that is interested in being independent. This is because it can be a very solitary activity, once that you need alone time and space to focus on. You also have limited contact with the client if you are writing for other people, and if you are writing something of your own design, it’s likely you will only have your editors to deal with on a day to day basis.


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Writing has a high level of autonomy too because you often get to choose the angle that you approach a piece from and the spin that you get to put on it.



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Driving is a great care for those that value autonomy and independence. It is quite different than working in a static office where you have to do everything to someone else standards all of the time. In fact, you can often use your own car and choose the jobs that you pick up or reject according to what suits you the best.

Also with the popularity of ridesharing services growing it can be a lucrative way to earn. You can even use codes like these Lyft driver promotions to claim a bonus when you first start. Something that can help you tick over financially until the dollars starts rolling in.


Lastly, another fanatic career for the independent minded is to become a teacher. You have a lot of autonomy because you are essential in charge of your own classroom and how you enforce the expectations of behavior and effort that happen there.

There is also a lot of creativity and independence in this career because you can decide how to deliver the material to your students. Something that requires you to use your own knowledge to break it down in the most engaging way.



Of course, like any independently focused job, there will always be people above you that you are accountable too. But as a whole, teaching is one career where you will thrive if you enjoy taking in independent responsibility for the progression of others.


Small Businesses And The Local Community: How You Can Help

If it weren’t for your local community, your company simply wouldn’t be in business. After all, I bet most of your customers come from your local area. Even in today’s Internet age, no company should simply turn their back on the local market that is right on their doorstep.

As you have probably benefited a whole bunch from the support of your local community, why not do something in return? Think of it as paying back the favor. Supporting your local community will greatly improve your company’s reputation as everyone will get the chance to see just how much you care. And this will, over time, strengthen the bond between your company and local customers. Not only that, though, but carrying out certain community services can also do wonders for your marketing!

Ready to give something back to all those who live close to your business? I’ve got some amazing ideas.

Get Your Employees To Volunteer

Everyone who works for your company is an ambassador for your business. Whatever they do in their spare time will reflect slightly on your business. So, why not encourage them to do some good in your community? One great way they can help the local neighborhood is by volunteering with some charities. There are various charities that specialize in all kinds of different causes. For example, there are often lots of charities based in inner-city areas that work with the homeless community. There are also lots of charities and social organizations that look after abandoned animals and wildlife. Every charity is always looking for volunteers who can help them in their cause. So, it’s a nice idea to give your employees an incentive to contact a few charities and see the type of work they need help with.


Hold A Fundraising Event

Businesses often hold events, such as open door days and corporate fairs. So, why not turn your event skills to something slightly different and host a fundraising event in aid of a certain charity? No matter what you choose to do, you should make sure that everyone in the whole community knows that they are invited! That way, you will make as much money for the charity as possible. Just remember that this event shouldn’t have a corporate vibe as this could put off some people from attending. Not too sure on the kinds of things you could do? How about holding a charity bake sale? Get all of your employees to bring in homemade cakes and biscuits and invite the general public into your offices to buy some sweet treats. If you have some outdoor space at your office, you might also like the idea of holding a family fun day. This is another day you might want to get your staff to bake some cakes to sell too! But there are other fun things you could organize for the fun day, such as clown performances, a bouncy castle, and sports competitions.

Do A Big Challenge For Charity

Do you remember when Bayswater Car Rental did their big No Birds Bash? Well, why not use that as some inspiration for you and some of your employees to do a big challenge for charity? There are lots of different things that people do for charity. Most of them are sporting challenges, like taking part in a bungee jump or running a marathon. But you could carry out any kind of challenge that requires some form of determination and test of your endurance. For instance, some people have taken part in a 24-hour danceathon or staying silent for one whole week. Whatever you do, make sure it’s big and bold so that it catches as many people’s attention as possible. You should also let your local newspaper know that your office if taking part in a challenge, as they might want to report on it. And that is a great way to increase your donations!

Sponsor Local Teams

Local sports teams, especially the ones at schools and colleges, often look for businesses to sponsor them. This is a great thing for you to get behind. You will just need to provide them with sponsorship money and, in return, they will put your company’s name and logo on their sports shirts. So, it’s a great way to increase your advertising! As well as your name appearing on their shirts, most teams will also add it to their team banners too. So, when the team plays an away game in another town or city, your company will be proudly shown at the game! This is a fabulous way to spread word about your business and widen your customer base.

Sponsor A Local Event

Just like with supporting a local sports team, you could also sponsor a local event. It’s just like sponsoring a team – you help them with their funds and then the event will add your company name and logo to all their advertising and literature. If you find an event for a charitable organization to support, then even better!

Encourage Employees To Give Bonuses To Charity

Employees are always encouraged to work harder and hit all their targets when you promise them bonuses. If you want to do your best for local charities, you should encourage your employees to give the money they receive in bonuses to charities. Of course, they don’t have to give their money if they don’t want to – you shouldn’t force them into this. And they don’t have to give it all – they might prefer to donate a partial amount. It’s a good idea to encourage them to do this by making it easy to do so. For instance, give them the option every month. If they let you know that they want to do this, then you can arrange for their bonus to be sent to the charity rather than straight to their bank account. That way, it makes their donations a lot more convenient for them to carry out.

Supporting your local community is really worth it – why not start today?


Dealing with the ‘Problem Employee’

The last thing anyone needs is a problem employee. You don’t need it, the company doesn’t need it, and their colleagues don’t need it, either. Here’s a quick guide to spotting and solving the problem.

Spotting a problem

How do you actually identify a problem employee? It’s not always obvious to the employer when an employee presents a problem (although some would argue that it should be!). If it’s causing a big problem with the general workflow, then the problem will be pretty clear soon enough. Otherwise, you may have to rely on employee reports. You can read more about them at A mistake that a lot of employers make is not recognizing an employee complaint about another as a problem that affects the business. Laziness is obviously damaging to the business, but what about things like obnoxiousness, or a lack of personal hygiene? What you must remember is that these things affect employee morale.

Can you actually fire them?

Perhaps the problem is really obvious. In fact, the rules were broken pretty flagrantly. There may be a strong temptation to fire them. You need to be strategic about this if you do want to fire them – there’s no shortage of employee problems that you can’t legally fire them for. You also need to recognize the difference between an offense that can result in immediate firing and one that requires a notice period. Consider visiting if you need more information on offenses that call for immediate firing. What’s clear is that you need to be very careful about your decision here.


Before deciding on what action you need to take, it may be best to find out if there’s anything going on in the employee’s personal life. While bringing emotional baggage to the office may not be the most professional of things to do, I’m sure that most people can empathize with those who are having a bad time of things.

Most of us have had a bad day at work largely as a result of things that aren’t even taking place at the office. Instead of rushing towards punishment or stern words, consider asking them if they’re okay. You can read more at If you know this sort of behavior isn’t very characteristic of them, then you have even more reason to suspect that something may be up.

Discretion benefits everyone

At the end of the day, no matter what the issue is, the best thing to do is be discrete. It not going to work in anyone’s favor if you tell someone off or call them out about a problem in front of everyone. It embarrasses the employee in question and may anger them further; it will also make the other employees feel pretty awkward, and may result in them respecting you a little less. Not a great move for a boss! So if there is a problem, the best thing you can do is email the employee or IM them and requesting a quick private meeting.

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