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Freelancer Tips: How to Stay Organized

Working for yourself as a freelancer has many advantages, including flexibility and the ability to choose some of the projects that you work on. However, it isn’t always easy to stay disciplined when you’re the only one in the office (or at home). As the sole person running your business, it’s important to stay organized, but many people find that difficult. So, here are some tips on the essentials of organization as a freelancer.



Write Things Down

When you’ve got a screen in front of you, it’s tempting to type everything you need to remember but it’s also easy to forget about it. If you write it down with pen and paper, the things you need to remember are always right next to you while you’re working. For instance, it’s a good idea to write down jobs at the start of every day and organize them by priority. You can also give yourself a time limit for each job so you fit everything into your day, including breaks. That way, you’ll always deliver your work on time and keep clients happy.

Restart Your Computer

Freelancers tend to have a habit of keeping their computers and laptops on all the time. It’s far easier than shutting down and restarting every few hours. However, that often means that desktops aren’t able to update and usually run slower than they should be, slowing down how quickly you can get your work done. It’s a good idea to restart your computer once a day to make sure all updates are happening when they should. If your computer isn’t updating automatically, you may have to do it manually every so often and install a good security monitor. With the number of websites freelancers usually visit and emails they receive, it’s easy to pick up a virus without knowing it.



Keep Track of Invoices

This is always a difficult job for freelancers because it’s possible to work with up to ten different employers per day on different jobs. It would be easy for a freelancer to send off an invoice and completely forget about it. One of the best ways of keeping track is to use tools like a paystub maker so you can email one copy to your employer and print out a second copy for yourself. As the invoices are paid, move your copy to a file for safe keeping and tax purposes. Once you’re in this routine, you never have to worry about invoices again.

Client Folders

Freelancers tend to build rapports with clients, so they often work together more than once. If you have regular clients, it’s worth creating folders for them so you can store the work you’ve done there. It saves having to scout through tons of separate files to find what you’re looking for when you need it. It’s a great way to declutter your files and you can delete work easily as and when you think appropriate so you aren’t taking up unnecessary space.

With a bit of organization, being a freelancer is a wonderful job.

debt tricks

It’s Doesn’t Take A Magician To See You’re Missing Some Debt Tricks

There are many ways in which individuals could improve their approach to debt management and take a step closer towards financial freedom. The issue is that many folks have no idea about the processes they need to follow, and so most people end up paying more than they should. Considering that, take a moment to read this article and see if you can identify some tricks that will work for you. Of course, there are always alternative options, and so it’s sensible to conduct as much research as possible.

Reverse Mortgage

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Remortgage your property

If you’ve had the current mortgage for more than ten years, you should have lots of equity built up inside your property. That means it’s possible to get a lump sum of cash if you and dig yourself out of that money hole if you choose to remortgage the home. You could also find a better deal with reduced interest rates if you want to spend less money each month. In most instances, homeowners just have to use comparison sites to identify the best providers and prices. Just bear in mind that remortgaging your house could mean:

  • You increase the repayment period
  • You have to pay fees to get out of your current arrangement

Blue jeans and credit card

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Transfer your credit card balances

Most people will use credit cards from time to time when they don’t have the cash flow to pay for essentials. However, professionals from and other websites claim that sometimes that debt can spiral out of control, and individuals end up just sending the minimum payment every month. That is a terrible situation because the balance will never reduce due to accumulated interest. That said, there is a simple solution that will assist you in clearing the balance much faster. Just use comparison sites to find alternative creditors and inquire about their best deals. Some top tips include:

  • Selecting a provider that offers 0% on balance transfers
  • Choosing a card that doesn’t accumulate high rates of interest

Refinance Key

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Refinance your loans

Regardless of the types of loans you have at the moment; it’s always possible to refinance them and get a better deal. That is especially the case when it comes to money you owe after leaving university according to experts like those at and other prominent sites. In most situations, it’s possible to save a small fortune and slash those monthly payments in half. So, be sure to research that idea as soon as possible and set the wheels in motion. Even if you owe cash to your bank, it’s often easy to find companies that will offer better rates.

Those simple debt tricks will help all non-magicians to pull something impressive out of their hats. So, use the advice to ensure you never pay more than is necessary each month to cover your financial obligations. It’s common to feel like you’re stuck in a rut when you have to spend all day worrying about finances. For that reason, all readers need to take decisive action right now if they want to turn things around. Begin with the issues mentioned in this article, and then take a look at other areas of your life. That is the best strategy.


8 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

Making money is hard. But it was never meant to be easy – nothing worth having ever is. Whether you get up every morning to work a regular 9-5 job, or you find yourself sticking to shift patterns, you have to put the work in to get paid. We all know that. But sometimes, it can suck. When you dislike your job, or you barely make any money, you can wonder why you do it. And it’s often this feeling that leads you to want to make a change and do something different with your life.

Enter the side hustle. When you want to do something bigger and better, you should definitely think about starting something alongside your regular job. Because as much as you’d like to quit you can’t. You still have bills to pay. Instead, turn to the internet and earn yourself some money on the side.

Get Cashback

Your first option is to start working on getting some cash back. Although this isn’t technically a way that you can earn yourself money as a business online, it’s still a really essential way that you can earn money in the online space. If you regularly shop online, then it makes sense to be using cashback sites. All you have to do is find the retailer you can to shop on via a cashback site, click the links they have, and you will earn a certain percentage back based on whatever you have bought.

Fill Out Surveys

Next, you could consider filling out surveys as a part of your online mission to make money. Brands and businesses always need market research. They want to understand everything about their consumer’s lifestyles, and so some of them, along with specific market research companies are always looking to pay for your to give them the information they need. This site tells you a lot more about it.

Start A Website

Another option would be to start your own website. Although for this, you are going to need to get your mind in gear and try to operate like a business too. With your own website, you can monetize it in a range of different ways. One of the first ways is to sell a product. This can be something that you’ve made yourself, or even that you’ve sourced from suppliers to sell specifically on your new site.

Write An eBook

Then, you could also think about writing an eBook. If you love to write and you’re both passionate and knowledgeable about a certain topic, then why not? By writing an eBook and selling it online, you could become an overnight success. It certainly worked with Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Try Online Trading

Next up, why not give online trading a whirl? And before you believe that you have to be an expert, that’s just simply not the case. You can get into online stock trading as a complete beginner. Although it would be advisable that you have a read up on what to do (and, more specifically, what not to do) before you get started, and start off sensibly, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make yourself some serious money by trading online.

Try Affiliate Marketing

Then there’s always affiliate marketing to think about. Again, you would need to have your own content site for this, but luckily for us all, sites like can ensure that you’re not only up and running but making money too. And the great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is passive income. It does require the initial setup but then you can allow money to make itself.

Work Freelance

Another option would be to start freelancing. This can be a really great option for you if you have a particular skill, such as writing or designing. You can sign up to a range of different content and freelance sites, or pitch your services yourself. Either way, you may find that you start making money on the side to then go on freelancing full-time.

Become An Online Reviewer

From here, you could also think about becoming an online reviewer. If you have the time to conduct insightful and detailed reviews, then businesses are going to want to pay you for them. If you’re interested in a wide range of products, then this can be a really fun, interesting, and rewarding way to earn yourself some extra cash on the side.