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How to survive Being Married to a Musician

Musicians are pretty hot and we believe that majority of ladies will agree on this. Dating a one, however, or even being married to one come with some specific challenges that only women who are actually being involved with them are familiar with. On the other hand, there are some tips that can help you have a marriage made in heaven, even with one such a hottie. So, if you’re currently feeling unhappy or dubious, make sure to read these, just before you decide to resort to more extreme measures such as trying out local dating behind his back because things can actually work out just fine if you’re wise enough.


Don’t be Jealous

Jealousy, in reasonable extent, of course, can be a great stimulus and spice in any marriage, but we know that ladies who are married to musicians are in somewhat different position since they are probably aware there are lot of gals who are practically throwing themselves at their hubbies – so in their minds, all comes down to this: the more gigs, the more potential troubles he can get in. And even though you might be aware that your spouse is probably nothing like Slash from Guns N’ Roses golden era or that he seldom has an opportunity to get entranced by the sight of bare boobs like it used to happen back in the day on Mötley Crüe concerts, you can’t help but keep imagining just how many bras will eventually reach the stage of a club in the town that he’s currently playing at.

This is perfectly normal but you should still do your best as to restrain from such thoughts, and not even think of mentioning them out loud because the chances are he won’t react so well. Anyways, you should make sure to keep your mind occupied with actual problems because it’s the best way to avoid the trap known as jealousy. After all, he chose to marry you for a reason, and the definition of musician doesn’t include promiscuity by default. Finally, he probably can’t afford himself to lose the focus by looking at girls in the audience all the time since he’s too busy playing or singing.

Further, it’s perfectly normal and even biological the need to look at the people of opposite sex, especially if they’re attractive, but this doesn’t automatically assume that an affair is bound to happen. Admit it, even you occasionally take a look at that handsome guy who comes to your gym or your favorite coffee shop but it’s just because you admire him for being in such great shape. And there’s nothing wrong with it, right?

Be supportive

People who are into music or any type of art actually are deriving their positive energy and satisfaction in general by being able to do something they love, regardless of whether it brings them considerable incomes or they’re doing it just for their soul’s sake. This means that you should be supportive when it comes to a life path that your man has chosen because only then can you expect that he will do the same for you. We’re often forgetting that love is a two-way street and if you’re judging his lifestyle now, even though you were perfectly aware of what you got yourself into the moment the two of you started dating, you should better prepare for quarrels and other negative situations that will most likely become a part of your everyday reality. And this is something that you should avoid at all cost because it could eventually ruin your marriage.

Enjoy your own hobbies and activities

So, his next gig is in Nashville and you live in New York and just so it happens that you can’t tag along because there’s no room on the tour bus, for example. Big deal! After all, there will always be the next gig, and in the meanwhile, you can enjoy some quality time with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, or pamper yourself with spa weekend or something similar. If the two of you have kids, focus on helping them with their homework and arrange various activities that will make your day busy so that you won’t have to lament over the fact that he’s somewhere on the other part of the country while you’re stuck at home.

On the other hand, you can also look at this from a positive side and use it as a God-sent excuse to enjoy some of your own hobbies for a change. Revel in the fact that you don’t have to deal with a long bus drive and finish that poem of yours you started writing a couple of months ago, for instance. Visit your favorite bookstore or buy some new sexy lingerie that will reignite the passion when he comes back from the road. The possibilities are basically countless for you to have a good and quality time while on your own, and deep down you know that we’re right!

Are you married to a musician? How are your experiences so far? We’re dying to hear from you in the comment section below!

Top 8 Things You’ll Learn Very Quickly When Dating a Musician

If you’re into local dating, you never know whose eye you might catch. Your suitor may be an IT geek, a sales director, a hair stylist or a musician looking for a new love interest. If you happen to start dating said musician, you’re in for one heck of a ride, and here’s why.acoustic-guitar-playing_1426-615

  1. Their Gigs Will Be Your Dates

Between touring, writing new songs, securing record deals and struggling to keep all band mates happy, your music beau will rarely have the time to take you out on a proper date. With that being said, you’ll be very welcome to join him every time his band has a live performance, and technically it will be a Friday or a Saturday night, you’ll be out and in the same room together, there will be drinks and music, which almost constitutes as a date, right?

  1. People Will Hit On Him, And You’ll Be There To See It

After the shows, people will want to talk to the band, touch them, see them up close and personal, congratulate them on a great performance, and those particularly brave ones (a.k.a. groupies) won’t see a problem in asking your beau what he’s doing later, after the show, with you standing right there to hear it. It will suck, but if you want to stick around, you better get used to it.

  1. You Better Like His Music

If he cares enough about you, he’ll find your relationship very inspirational and will want to express how he feels about you through his music. If you’re going to be someone’s muse, you better like their art, otherwise you might hinder the creative process and seal the faith of your relationship.

  1. His Ex Was Inspirational Too

Chances are, his ex also inspired some great songs, and you’ll get a chance to listen to them to no end as you become a regular at his gigs. Everybody has baggage, but when that baggage is linked to someone’s work, it’s hard to leave it in the past. Don’t take it personally, it comes with the territory.

  1. You Won’t Always Come First

In all likelihood, the band will come first although he might not openly admit it. What’s worse, if your musician has a job on the side, his schedule is pretty packed and making room for you in it might not be as easy as you’d both like. You might never sleep again because he’ll be available at night, but here’s hoping he’s worth it.

  1. Share His Passion

He sure is very passionate about his favorite band/musician/singer but you’ve honestly never heard of them. You’ll never hear a musician say their favorite artist is Lady Gaga (not that we don’t love her), but it will always be somebody that mere mortals like us don’t even know exists, like Steven Wilson (again, no pun intended).

  1. His Existential Crisis Is The End Of The World

When he’s feeling down and depressed, the amount of negativity around him will be unbearable. Self-loathing comes with the talent, and you better not be within punching distance. He won’t be physically violent per se, but he will torment you psychologically to no end. And then one day he’ll wake up, his spirits through the roof again, and life will go on like nothing ever happened.

  1. You’ll Never Travel Together

His idea of traveling abroad involves a tour bus, countless liters of beer and 3 hours of sleep per night. You’ll never go on a vacation together, and you won’t travel the world. His idea of being off revolves more around binge-watching his favorite shows than visiting museums or stunning beaches.

Music: Will You Ever Learn?


Verse 1:
So what’s the point in all of this
When you will never change
The days have pass, The weather’s changed
Should I be sorry Could I be sorry

I did it all, all for you
Hoping you would see
Your eyes are dull, your hands are clenched
Are we ready? Are we ready?

But you, you think about yourself
Only bu yourself
But what about…

Chorus 1:
Un-lonely nights
Romantic moments
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away

Verse 2:
You know me well, You know it’s wrong
Then what is it you feel?
You hide behind those perfect smiles
It won’t fool me, cause you already did

Repeat Refrain,Pre-Chorus and Chorus:

Chorus 2:
The perfect dates
The sweetest kisses
The love, the love
What about them?
Throw it all away…


Old song but still a goodie.