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Top 3 Most Important Factors for Keeping Your Motivation Throughout the Year

Did you make a new year’s resolution way back in January, to live better, be healthier, work less and play more, but now when you look back, you have fallen way off track? Is it even more obvious when you’re looking through social media and celebrity Snapchats and you see all these gorgeous and successful people, who are not all that different from you, yet somehow they have managed to keep their motivation throughout the year, and are getting results that are seriously paying off.

Instead of getting jealous or mad, it’s probably time to get even with yourself. And that doesn’t mean take revenge, but get your ‘stuff’ together, so you can actually start achieving the goals you set out for yourself at the start of the year. There are several factors that you need to consider and systems you’ve just got to set up in your life if you want success. Nothing in life gets accomplished without a plan, so creating a plan that works for you, is important, if you want to last the year.

Factor #1: Have a Plan

Having a goal is great, setting it into motion is another thing. You need to have a plan and realize what it is you want from yourself. Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want to make more money? Are you looking to move? Or go back to school, or plan a long-term vacation. Whatever you goal is, you have to have a plan and break it down into small bite-size steps. When you break it down, you can see what short-term decisions you have to make to get to the next step. And so forth, and so on. When you have a plan that is set out weekly or monthly, then you can monitor your progress, and assess your effectiveness, and then figure out if your plan needs some adjustments or alterations. With a year long plan, it will be hard to fall off track, when it’s staring you in your face on a daily basis

Factor #2: Have a Schedule

No great project or decision or campaign has been launched without a schedule. If you look at successful people, they have a schedule, from when they eat, to sleep, work and travel. They can predict themselves and rely on those predictions. Which means smart actions become regular habits. So it doesn’t matter what your goal is, with a schedule and time set aside daily to meet those goals, you are more likely to keep your motivation high, and with small successes, it will further motivate you to keep going.

Factor #3: Have Support

The people in your life, who love you and want you to be happy will support you and those are the people who you need to keep closest. They will help motivate you when you’re down and feeling stressed or overwhelmed, and if they know what your goals are, they will keep you on track when you stray. Support is an important factor because no one can go at it alone, and it’s so much more satisfying when you achieve your goals with your loved ones at your side, cheering you on.

Work in these factors into your yearly plans and goals, and you’ll see a huge difference in your motivation and effectiveness. Get a plan, put it in a schedule, and then gather your support, and by the next new year’s, you should be clinking your glasses to battles won.


Here’s How To Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes when we are trying to make healthy changes in life, we can get caught up in a battle of will power. We set ourselves up against the habit that we want to change and decide whether we win or lose depending on the instance that we find ourselves in right now. But creating new habits and ditching old ones isn’t a one time win or lose game, it’s about coming back time and time again to the right behavior. Of course, this isn’t always easy, but there are some ways you can make it a little less painful on yourself. Something that may make it more likely that you will continue to succeed more than you fail. Keep reading for more information.

Weight loss

Weight loss isn’t easy if it were no one would be overweight except through choice. But there are some approaches that you can take to make the whole process a bit less difficult.

The first is food preparation. This is when you decide what food to include in your diet and how much of each dish you will be eating, for each meal in the week. Then you spend some time at the weekend preparing this, by cooking and portioning said meals into separate containers.

The benefits of this include always having something to eat whenever you get hungry, meaning that chance you will be tempted into eating something off of your plan decreases. Also, it means that your hunger level doesn’t get to such a point that you are in danger of overeating the meal that is in front of you.

Another way to make the process of weight loss a little easier on yourself is to steer away from restricting the types of food that you are eating. Instead focus on your sensation of fullness while you do eat. To help you will this tune into your level of hunger as per the instructions at, as this can stop you eating more than your body physically requires.

Removing the restrictions on eating can help helpful for some folks trying to lose weight as they don’t end up craving things that are ‘off limits’ all the time. After all, studies have shown that weight loss occurs when you take in fewer calories than you expend. Meaning the actual type of food you are consuming has little to do with it.



Regular exercise is a healthy habit that is worth developing. But as the post at suggests, getting our butts off the couch and into the gym can be something that is easy said than done. However, if you are smart, you can use the following to help you increase your likelihood getting out there and working up a sweat.

Firstly, take a look at your motivation. Pick something that is hugely important to you, like being healthy for your family, or being able to get out there and explore the world. By doing this, you are associating the upkeep of your new habit to a benefit in the future, making you more likely to be motivated to carry out the task that is in front of you now.

Also, if getting to the gym or your local yoga class always feels a bit of a hassle why not consider recruiting a friend or loved one to provide you with some company while you work out. Many posts online, including, state that having someone there to hold you accountable to your exercise plan can really help you from making silly excuses not to go. As well as providing you with some quality time with that person too.

Giving up smoking

Tobacco smoking is a habit that is both addictive and bad for your health, and there are plenty of scientific studies, like the ones discussed at to prove this. So for anyone still smoking, it should be a priority to give up. Of course, giving up an addiction is often a hard road, especially one so entrenched in you life as smoking cigarettes.

Luckily, getting some help from your doctor can be the key to freedom in this case. They may be able to offer you medications that reduce the craving and withdrawal symptoms. As well as refer you to counseling sessions and support groups, where you can meet other people in the same position and get some help.


Also if you aren’t ready to go completely cold turkey yet. The why not consider switching to an e-cigarette instead? These are electronic devices that deliver a hit of nicotine suspended in water vapor. Breathed in; this gives a very similar effect to smoking but without so many harmful substances.

Vapes or e-cigarettes are pretty easy to get hold of too, with a wide range of liquids to try like the ones available at online stores such as supplies, or in physical shops. You can even get them in fruity flavors that are much more pleasant than the traditional tobacco taste and smell.

Of course, many still contain nicotine and the idea is that you can use them while you are gradually cutting down your nicotine intake, to rid yourself of your addiction completely.


Having some me time

A healthy habit that a lot more of us need to promote is setting aside some more time that is just for us. Yes, it can be tough when you have work, and a family to be concerned with but it is definitely a worthwhile experience, as it can help you give more when you are not alone.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get into the habit of having ‘me time.’ To help you may wish to designate a period where you do something that engages your interest like drawing, coloring or going for a walk. This can help you look forward to your me time and ensure that it gets scheduled in regularly.

Also, it can be useful to turn off your mobile phone, during your me time session. Obviously, for many of us, that is a big ask. But we can be so easily distracted by a message or post someone else has made, and then end up losing all of the time set aside for ourselves. So just for that 30-minute session turn it to do not disturb, or pop in it a drawer.


What To Do Before You Decide To Make A Health Change

Wanting to prioritize your health is always a good thing. When you know that you want to make room for some healthier lifestyle changes, it’s definitely a great idea to want to improve yourself, but it’s not always the best idea to make drastic changes right away. Before you decide to embark on anything that completely shakes up your life, you should always make sure that you think it through. It’s not only important that you make changes that are going to benefit your health, but that also is good for your lifestyle and your mental health too. So, if you’re thinking about making a healthy change, here’s what to do.

Decide On Your Goals

To start with, before you make any changes at all, you need to decide on your goals. You should be able to work out what it is that you want to achieve by making changes. This informational leaflet on about setting healthy lifestyle goals should help you out with exactly how to do it. But it is important that you base your goals on the changes you want to see in your health and lifestyle overall.


Be Realistic About Your Lifestyle

Next, it’s also important that you be very realistic about your current lifestyle. If you want to make changes that last, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing. Clouding over any issues you have in your lifestyle now that you’re looking to change, will make the changes hard to stick too. So, be frank and upfront about yourself and others with any health or lifestyle issues you have with food or alcohol or exercise that you want to change.

Do Some Research

Then, you’re going to want to make sure you do some research. It’s important that you look into your options when it comes to any diet, exercise, or lifestyle changes to know whether they are right for you. So, look into diet and nutrition plans, read reviews on different workouts like, and be sure to consider the lifestyle effects of any changes. It’s important that you fully understand what will be required of you before you make any changes at all.

Check With Your Doctor

Next, you may want to think about checking with your doctor before you do implement any changes. This may not apply to everyone, but if you are making a drastic change or your health is at risk, you may need to get a checkup first and seek their advice. This can especially apply if you are overweight or underweight and you want to make some changes. So, be sure to get a medical sign off first.

Ease Yourself In

Then, when you think you might be ready, it’s time to implement some of the changes. But, don’t rush. Going cold turkey here isn’t always the answer. Instead, you need to ease yourself in so that you can stick to it. Then, as you start to find it easier, you can add in more changes along the way.