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Sick Of Your Job? Why Retraining As A Teacher Might Be Right For You!

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The government is always looking for new teachers as pupil numbers grow and the old hands retire. Not only are they looking to newly graduated and peppy 21-year-olds, but they’re also starting to look to more mature professionals too. People retraining as teachers tend to approach the entire educating process from a different angle. Although learning a new skill after being out of education for so long can be challenging, it also allows retrained teachers to emphasise better with the frustrations of learning in the classroom. Time management, ability to prioritise, and people skills developed in the workplace all lend themselves well to retraining as a teacher. If you’re interested, read on and see if the career change is right for you.

If you’re unhappy in your current career

Firstly, you’ve got to want to leave your current job. If you’re as happy as ever doing what you’re doing, there’s probably not a lot of point in retraining and shifting career. If on the other hand you’re thoroughly disillusioned with your current employment, this might be the right path for you. Many people feel concerned that their skill set is honed throughout their continued employment in one industry, making it impossible for them to leave. As teaching legally requires a full qualification, retraining is perfectly possible, making it a great career choice for people who want to leave a job they feel like they’ve done forever.

If you’re good with people

To teach effectively, you have to want to spend time around other people. If you’re quite introverted and find extended periods of human contact exhausting, it might not be the right path for you. If you take your energy from social situations, and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, teaching if perfect. You can even work part time, or fit it around other jobs. Companies such as Simply Education allow people to become supply teachers throughout a region, meaning they’re not always tied down to one school and one group of people.

If you’re patient

As you’re probably well aware, children and teenagers can be really rather challenging. Not only can they be poorly behaved, but they can also need a simple concept repeating numerous times before they begin to understand it. Teachers have to have a really level temperament, the patience of a saint, and the ability to stay calm in frustrating situations.

So what’s next?

If all of these things apply to you and you reckon you’ll make a great educator, it’s time to go to the next level. It’s crucial that you spend some time in a classroom, either as a teaching assistant or just shadowing a teacher. Most schools are perfectly happy to allow people to do this for a week, although may require a background check to be carried out first. If you spend a few days in a school, witness the trials and tribulations of teaching first hand, and still decide that you’d like to teach, it’s probably time to put your applications in for retraining.

Teaching can be really rewarding – it’s never the same day to day, and you get to meet all sort of people from all walks of life.

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Fed Up Of Your Career? Start Again With These Handy Pieces Of Advice

In the modern world, it’s easy for people to switch to a different career path. After all, you might find that a role you have always wanted to do doesn’t actually fit your skills. Or you might find that there is no real job progression. Therefore, people decide to take the leap and try their hand at something else. But it can be a challenge if you want to start again. Therefore, here are some handy pieces of advice you need if you want to start a new career.

Get some experience

The best way to get into a new career is to get some experience. It will allow you to get a real insight into what a new role will be like. And it’s something that always stands out on your CV when you go for positions. Therefore, take a week or two off work and then apply for work experience at several companies. They are bound to take you on as they could do with an extra pair of hands that they don’t have to pay! Remember to make the most of your work experience by speaking to staff and seeing what they do every day. And make a good impression as they might ask you to return for a full-time position.



Head back to college or university

It’s sometimes the case that if you want a new career, you need to enhance your skills. After all, you might not have the necessary skills to do a new role without any formal training. Therefore, you should consider heading back to college or university to get the training you need. By looking online, you should be able to hunt down facilities that do your courses. You might even find some online courses that you could attend instead. Of course, heading back to university isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. In fact, you might have to apply for some kind of loan; you can apply education loan online which will help you to cover the costs. And just remember, the job in the end, might be worth being a student again!

Talk to a career advisor/recruiter

If you’re stuck on what your next move is, it might be best to speak to a career advisor or a recruiter. They will help you to consider what roles might be suitable for you. After all, it can be sometimes harder than you think to choose a path to go down. For one thing, they will look at your skills and abilities. Then they will look at your past experiences. Going to see a professional might give you the help you need to find your future career!


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Learn all you can about potential careers

You might be fixated on a particular career. But do you really know everything about working there? You need to research the career path to ensure you make the right decision with your next step. That way, you can rule out particular jobs which are not right for you. You should be able to find reviews online of what specific careers are like.

And remember once you have decided on a new path, the best thing you can do is apply for a load of roles! Then once the interviews come rolling in, you just have to impress so that you can snag the job.

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Working 5 to 9: How to Build a Business in the Evenings

First – your employment contract may not allow it.  But if you’re passionate about building up your own business, the safest way to do that is by working in the evenings.

It’s tiring of course since you’ve effectively got two jobs.  But if you’re looking to either make some extra income, or build up a business to eventually turn into a full time income, this is the safest way.

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