First time in Koh Samui: All You Need To Know

This is a first timer’s guide to the journey to Koh Samui. All you need to know about this cool destination and Thai island will be founded right here. Keep on reading to learn some simple tips and discover the most common secrets about one of the most relaxing and meditating places on the planet.


Perhaps the first thing that interests foreigners about another country is the weather. The nature in Koh Samui is fantastic. It’s reminds of a real fairy-tale full of surprises and wonders. Here the weather is mostly dry and the air is clean. You’ll fall in love with the tender sunny mornings and mysterious evening sunsets.

It’s an exotic destination with long sandy beaches, huge palm trees all around, deep jungles and woods as well as green mountains and rocks. For those who dream of an unforgettable rest and peaceful vacation Koh Samui has everything to offer.

1 weather

Thanks to the variety of activities, everyone finds something really cool according to their interests. It’s warm in Koh Samui all year round. The best months for holidays are of course, summer months but you can travel there whenever you want. Late December to April is generally accompanied by little rain.

From May to September there’s plenty of sun with little rain.  October and November are the rainiest months. The time you choose to spend there, depends on the type of your vacation and expectations.

Prices and Rentals in Koh Samui

The second important thing for you to know is the price tag and rentals in Koh Samui. Compared to the north of Thailand here the prices are more expensive and local food here is more limited. You can find many vegetarian and organic restaurants as well as European/American eateries.

2 prices

Many places charged a premium for the lovely views that’s why both hotels and restaurants are more expensive than in other parts of Thailand. Prices can vary according to your choice. Of course, there are affordable hotels, hostels and resorts but one may stay breathless seeing some of the most luxurious villas.

Locals and Transport

They say that Thai people are smiley and very warm. Here you meet smiles everywhere that’s why some call is a smiley country. However, according to many visitors locals in Koh Samui are not that friendly, but the services offered by hotels are just great. You can learn a lot from locals about their culture, traditional and cuisine, which is a fantastic experience for anyone who visits an Asian country for the first time. As for the transportation, you will need a vehicle wherever you stay in Koh Samui.

3 locals

There isn’t much of a public transport system. Instead you may find only taxis but be careful with those taxi drivers as the majority is liars. The most convenient means of transportation in Thailand is a scooter. It’s recommended to carefully consider the information about the villages and beaches of the island before booking a hotel. Take into account not only facilities but also the service and your plan of activities.


Between the most popular beaches in Koh Samui you’ll get the opportunity to spend your time on MaeNam Beach, Bophut Beach, the Fishing village, Big Buddha Beach, Choeng Mon Beach, Chaweng Beach, Crystal Bay / Tongtakian, Lamai Beach etc. Although MaeNam Beach is a popular beach but it’s not going to impress you much.

The water is usually very cloudy, making snorkelling impossible. Bophut Beach, on the other hand is a beautiful place but not the most beautiful beach you can see in Koh Samui. Big Buddha Beach is very similar to Bophut. It’s also close to one of the most important attractions of Koh Samui – Big Buddha, which surely worth a visit. Choeng Mon Beach is breathtaking place with lots of restaurants and shops. Chaweng is the most popular and attractive beach.

4 beaches

It’s an ideal place for lovers of nightlife and active day life. Lamai is the second most popular beach. Not far from Lamai you will enjoy the stunning view of waterfalls, and take part in a variety of activities. Finally, Crystal Bay / Tongtakian is considered as the most beautiful beach on this island.

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