Going Vegan: 3 Major Ways It Benefits Your Health

Many, many people go vegetarian, but not too many go vegan. It’s the next step in the process which can further improve the health of your lifestyle.

Besides making your wallet a bit heavier (meat is expensive), going vegan has many health benefits. From a better quality of sleep to making it easier to manage diabetes, let’s run down the major 3!


Much easier to control your weight

It’s a concern that most of us have when it comes to eating, yet it’s so hard to keep in check. From the temptation of chocolate and sweets to the ease of ordering takeout, our weight is difficult to manage.

So wouldn’t it be great if it effectively managed itself? It might sound like a too good to be true fever dream, but in reality, it’s a possibility. By going vegan you eliminate a lot of foods from your diet that would otherwise have helped you pile on the pounds. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Meats, of any variety and cooking method. High in fats and salt.
  • Milk – by eliminating milk, you also eliminate chocolate and yogurt. Both high in sugar.
  • Cheese – incredibly high in unhealthy fats and salt.

As you can probably tell, the list goes on, and the benefits only increase. Animal products are typically high in fats and salts, two ingredients which contribute to weight gain a great deal. By going vegan, you remove the temptation to consume these foods, simply because you aren’t allowed to.

If you’re diabetic, it can remove stress from diet planning

Because, by going vegan, you’re effectively cutting out a lot of the foods that will make your condition worse. The very best food for diabetics are vegan, as this food contains less fat, less sugar and less salt. Animal products like red meats are packed full of fats and sugar, which can both lead to heightened blood pressure.

This, in turn, can worsen your condition, and a vegan lifestyle ensures you won’t ever touch these foods. Diabetic diet planning is really complex, and lots of things must be taken into account. By narrowing down the types of foods you can eat to a select, healthy few, your condition becomes much easier to tolerate.

Your quality of sleep will improve greatly

Nobody really knows exactly why vegans get a better quality of sleep, but many studies have shown this to be true.

A lot of the signs point to increased digestion ability. Animal products like meat and fish are harder to break down than leafy green vegetables. If you’re a vegan, you won’t be eating these foods, meaning your digestion system will greatly improve.

Now, this increased digestion ability could be the reason why vegans sleep better. We all know that eating before bed isn’t good, as it can keep you awake for longer. But by eating foods that are easy to digest, our bodies can shut off and sleep a lot quicker.

And that’s the list! Hopefully I’ve convinced you to take the plunge. Thanks very much for reading!

*This post is contributed to Spicy Scribbler Blog