Guest Post: The Most Inspiring Swimming Pools Around The World

In a summer vacation terms, a stunning swimming pool with a fantastic scenery is hard to beat. Located in all parts of the world, these man-made pools and natural coves are a tough match for the most picturesque sandy beaches of the South Pacific. Let’s explore these luxurious waterholes by the most popular regions.

Southeast Asia

This part of the world is characterized by infinity pools, where the water flows over the edge, making a spectacular contrast with the open sea or setting sun. Evason Phuket Resort features an adults-only infinity pool, surrounded by 64 acres of tropical paradise, overlooking clear azure water.

Evason Phuket Resort

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Every villa Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel in Bali has its own private infinity pool, with some of the rooms having pools positioned directly above the master infinity pool with a stunning effect. As you sample through your ice cold organic daiquiri, you can observe infinite play of monkeys and tropical birds in the canopies above.

Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel

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Unlike the tropical beaches and crystal blue waters of a lagoon, Marina Bay Sands Hotel pool in Singapore features and breathtaking vista from 679 feet above the ground. Located in a rooftop skypark, the pool offers an amazing panorama on one of the most beautiful modern cities, with dazzling night view.

Marina Bay SkyPark Singapore

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A pool like no other, Crocosaurus Cove Pool offers a unique experience of splashing among over 200 species of crocodiles including gargantuan five-meter saltwater specimens. The good news is that you are taking a dip within a protected cage. Hey, where’s the fun in that?

Crocosaurus Cove Pool

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Not everyone is blessed with a refreshing plunge pool in a secluded tropical garden. Luckily, you too can have a million-dollar pool view for a bargain price, with the ocean waves breaking right into the pool, making this pool one of its kind. This historic, over a century-old public saltwater pool is a point of interest for visitors around the world and it takes only 15-minute drive from Sydney downtown.

Bondi Rock Iceberg

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Set within a luxury resort in Algarrobo, Chile, San Alfonso del Mar is unquestionably the largest pool in the world, with half a mile in length and deep as 11-story building. Featuring 66 million gallons of sparkling clean seawater and a private white-sand beach.

San Alfonso del Mar

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Nothing less spectacular although a completely different experience, Ik Kil Cave Pool is a mind-boggling natural pool resort in the heart of Ik Kil Archaeological Park near Chichén Itzá and Pisté in Mexico. A mathematically round cenote, or natural sinkhole is 96 feet wide and 130 feet deep and is surrounded with lush vegetation and streaming waterfalls feeding its azure water though limestone bedrock.

Ik Kil Cave Pool

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Jade Mountain Resort pool is nothing short of Santa Lucia’s reputation as a shiny pearl of the Caribbean.  Located in a secluded resort, this pool is accompanied by a private beach, world-class spa treatment and inspiring vistas breaking from each room. Now, that’s what I call an ideal honeymoon resort. Or at least a perfect dream destination.

Jade Mountain Resort pool

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Breathtaking pools are slowly taking over as a prime swimming and refreshing venues. All the pools listed here are special because of unique features and dazzling experiences they offer.

It is up to you to decide.

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