How To Become A Writer If You’re Not A Native English Speaker

I never thought I would write about how to become a writer especially because English is not my native language. As a child, I grew up talking in my native dialect, Bisaya, and eventually learned proper English and Tagalog in school. But earlier in life, I was already surrounded by English learning materials. I remember (and often make fun of by my family) looking at pictures of insects and I would identify them in my native dialect but I say it in a very slang way (and I thought I was talking in English!). Our fairytales and stories were not only in books but we had audiotapes as well (I’m pretty sure my siblings and I can still memorize Cinderella until today!). I’m so grateful for my parents for those little things. My love for books was always catered as we always had a corner full of books in our home and now that I have my own room in our new home, I still got a shelf full of my treasured books.

Anyway, I’ll stop reminiscing now and start talking about how to become a writer. :p


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Read, read, read. Did I say read? Reading has influenced me the most in becoming a writer. Read between the lines, learn the different tones of writing, discover new words and have favorite books. I always make time to read every day in the morning and at night. When I get some time off, I like to read books or articles in the internet. There are just so many books to read and so little time. Reading books and articles always inspire me to write even more.

Listen and pay attention to your English classes. Back in elementary, high school and college, my top three favorite subjects were English, Science and History (Yep, not a Math whiz!). I am so happy I did well in those three subjects because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my passion to learn them. My English skills came in handy in my chosen career as a writer, my love for science contributed to my success in getting a Degree & License in Nursing and History was always my favorite “snack” as I love studying and reading stuff about Historical people especially the Philanthropists.

Watch videos in English (without subtitles!). Subtitles always make me lazy haha! Instead of focusing on the movie, I am so focused in reading the subtitles so I tend to shy away from it. Two important things I learned in watching so many English movies, series and videos is how to listen carefully and comprehend what they’re talking about. I listened how they say the words, I listened to their accents, and eventually I realized I could understand my clients better. The usual “what?” “Sorry I didn’t understand what you said” “Can you repeat what you said please?” are slowly left out of the conversation. Don’t limit yourself to just American English, broaden your horizon and listen to Brits and Aussies talking. I must admit I am usually starstruck whenever I hear people talking with British Accent. It’s just so distractingly good! Haha

Write every day. They say practice makes perfect and writing is no exception. I always bring a notebook and a pen with me because you never know when a creative idea strikes! You don’t have to write essays, just write what’s on your mind and jot down your ideas. I made this blog because I have so many ideas I just need to share. And I love to write. I need a place to store my overflowing thoughts. (You can start your own blog if you want!)

Find something you’re passionate to write about. I love writing about random stuff. I have written a lot of articles in different subjects and I seriously need to do my research so I will be able to write something about the topic. If you’re passionate and knowledgeable about what you’re writing, it flows like a fountain.


There are so many articles on how to become a writer and this is my share about the topic. I want to encourage everyone who wants to be a writer but are holding back because they are not a native English speaker. You have what it takes to be the best writer. Don’t let anything stop you from reaching your dreams. :)

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