Looking Out for Your Younger Siblings

F is for Family. You can’t pick them, and you’re stuck with them for life. When you’re younger, this can seem like some cruel medieval torture, with younger siblings intruding on your carefully cultivated attention, forcing you to share toys, bedrooms, and food. It can get frustrating.

But as you get older you’ll probably find that siblings are no different to the best friends you’ve had since pre-school. They will always be there to lend a helping hand a shoulder to cry on or just someone to hang out. Things have changed since you were both kids but while the younger siblings may seem all adult and independent, they’re still sure to need a bit of looking after every now and again.


Any younger siblings get it quite easy. The parents are now well versed in taking care of young children and are no longer making it up as they go along, but also any of your younger brothers and sisters can learn an immeasurable amount from you.

You, on the other hand, already gone through the trials and tribulations of childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. With reports that it is older siblings, not parents, who offer greater influence towards the younger generation, you experience can be invaluable and more relatable for guide brothers and sisters in an always changing world.


But you have to be careful to coddle them. They are not you but their own person. While they may sometimes ask for advice, they are under absolutely no obligation to follow it. For them to grow as a person, they need to learn to make their own mistakes.

These types of mistakes can range from something small, such as going overboard on the alcohol, to more disruptive and irresponsible actions. In their teenage years, these errors can be plentiful – probably much like yours. Check out types of misdemeanours for more info on how to approach any off-the-rails behaviour. They can only learn from it.


This takes quite a while. You can probably remember the rows and scraps and fights when you were younger but as time goes on all these disagreements fade into obscurity. Instead, you gain an appreciation for the person who did everything in their power to irritate you when you were younger.

With siblings becoming more independent and less inclined to follow the crowd they begin to grow as people. More often than not, this change can happen overnight, and you’ll wake up one morning to see not an ankle-biting thorn in your side at the breakfast table, but a best friend for life to share beauty tips or advice for the future.

Sibling rivalry is a rite of passage for most children. But it’s also the first step towards learning to live with someone who can sometimes be the complete opposite of you. Once getting over the awkward hump of childhood, where everyone is craving attention and learning just who they are, you can find respect and understanding for each other, as a family should.