Millennials, Dating And Social Media

Millennials, Dating And Social Media

If this was a romantic novel, we would have titled it “Love in the Time of Social Media”. However, we won’t be sharing an epic love story with you today, but don’t go away, because we’re here to talk about a serious topic that concerns all Millennials (people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century). Dating and social media have been coexisting for quite some time now and this intriguing combination is constantly redefining romance for millions of young people. They all want to become Instagram stars with thousands of admirers and suitors. However, most of them want to achieve this goal without leaving their comfort zone and this new age of technology allows them exactly that. Now, let’s see the full impact social media has on these young minds and their dating life.

Flirting Via Facebook Chat Is Much Easier Than Approaching Someone In Person

It’s no secret that younger generations suffer from social anxiety which makes them rather awkward in public. This is exactly why they prefer not to leave their comfort zones. They are extremely vulnerable and, let’s face it, approaching someone in person can be terrifying. These youngsters simply can’t deal with this particular level of stress, so they choose to stay at home and flirt with people while sitting comfortably behind their laptops. Chats and applications like Facebook Messenger allow them to analyze the thing they want to say and they are not able to do this in person.

They Don’t Talk, They “Follow” Each Other On Twitter

Yes, social media has made it easier for anxious people to flirt and enjoy the perks dating life, but there are certain negative effects people usually neglect. For example, since these networks appeared, young people practically stopped talking to each other. It’s all on the internet now. They tweet every single moment of their life, so when you think about it, they really don’t have much to talk about during real-life conversations. Nowadays, most Millennials know everything about their friends just by following them on Twitter.  This eliminates the need for socialization and that can be rather dangerous.

It’s Easier For Them To Lie

Unfortunately, lying is a big part of the dating world, however, lying in person is much harder than via the Internet. People are constantly exaggerating in order to impress their date, and these social media platforms allow them to get away with it. Nonetheless, the truth always prevails in the end and this kind of behavior causes a lot of trust issues among young daters.

Rejections Via Chat Can Rather Brutal

Everyone is afraid of rejection. This is the number one fear in the world of dating and it’s completely natural. Now, even though approaching someone online can be easy, rejecting a person can be even easier. This basically means that people don’t have empathy and compassion when they’re turning someone down. It’s safe to say that online rejections can be pretty brutal and devastating. This type of a turn down can shatter anyone’s confidence, so it’s no wonder people nowadays don’t have the courage to ask someone out.