Organising A Group Trip? Take These Stress-Savings Tips On Board

You’ve somehow managed to end up organising a trip for all your friends. You’re trying to find a destination, date and budget, which suits everyone. Planning a group trip can be tough at the best of times, let alone if people have different ideas of a dream holiday. If you’re stressed out, or you don’t even know where to begin, take these top tips on board.

Organise a team meeting

Firing emails and text messages around can save time, but it can also create a web of confusion. If you’re planning a group getaway, the best thing to do is to arrange a team meeting. Find a date everyone can do, and ask them to bring their diaries. The first things you need to decide are the dates you want to travel and the desired location. Work out dates and durations, which suit everyone based on their schedules. Discuss some destinations and if there are a few contenders, hold a vote. Go with the majority and get an idea of how much people want to spend.

Once you have the basic details, you can start forming some kind of plan.

Business people in circle stacking hands
Business people in circle stacking hands

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Weigh up your options

If you’re travelling in a group, it can be tricky to get around and find suitable accommodation. If you want to stay together, look for large houses to rent. Alternatively, you could book a series of apartments in the same building. If you don’t want to spend ages waiting around for public transport and you’re hoping to save money on transport, why not hire a bus? You can tailor your itinerary and enjoy films and the luxury of a toilet on board or long journeys. For details, search for companies like Split costs between you and ask for ideas for days out and activities.

Set up a payment scheme

There’s nothing worse than chasing people for money, so set up a payment scheme to enable the party to spread the cost of the holiday. This way, your trip will be more affordable, and you won’t end up shouldering the bill. Give people clear deadlines and plenty of notice. If payments are coming from your account, ask people to transfer the relevant sum to you before the payment is due to be taken.

Have a contingency plan

If people are arguing about costs or they have different interests and ideas, it’s wise to have a contingency plan in place. If your first choice excursion is met with a lack of enthusiasm, offer alternatives. If you are part of a large group, it may be advisable to split up from time to time. You don’t have to provide a day by day itinerary for every member of the group. If you have plans, which are weather-dependent, think of a back-up option, just in case. You could swap a surfing lesson for a trip to the karting track, for example. Use to find information about local events and activities.

Planning any holiday can be a headache. But when there are lots of people to cater for, it can be particularly stressful. Follow these pointers to get organised and nip any problems in the bud. Plan ahead, let others help and have a great time!