Promotion: Maruichi Eye Cream, The Only Eye Cream You Need!

If you have been looking for a great eye cream that you can use, I can definitely recommend a brand that I have tried, Maruichi Eye Cream! First of all I would like to thank Joyce for sending me her product and trusting me to review it for her. I was a bit nervous because the product took a long time to arrive so I was very relieved when I got it!

The product came with s stylish cover that I really liked. It was too cute to open.


Here’s a picture of the back of the box which shows the eye cream is Made in Japan. Ever since I went to Japan last year, I have been a huge fan of their beauty products. Not only is it effective but they are subtle to the skin.


Tadaaa! So I opened the box and it contains two small containers of the eye cream. This product is really sealed beautifully. I’m not throwing the box away simply because it looks nice and I can use it to store some stuff :)


I want to show you how small the containers are but they somehow look big with my small hands haha! I believe with its price, it’s really worth your money.


The product color is white that’s why it looks like the container is empty. I took this picture at noon time and the light outside was a bit strong. One thing I noticed when I opened the eye cream was it smelled really nice. Reminds me of the blooming flowers.


Here’s a closer picture of the product inside. The product wasn’t full to the brim but which product is fully anyway :) And a little goes a long way when you use this eye cream.


The cream feels light and I can’t get over the fact that it really smelled nice. Makes me want to try the other Maruichi products, seriously!


I spread the product slowly and it was absorbed without any greasy feel, which is really nice. I have tried other products that are really heavy on the skin and leaves my skin looking very oily.


Here are the products with my cute table decors. They just fit in there perfectly! I have just started using the eye cream so please check back this post for the updated review of this product after I use it.


I am going to do a video review of this product after I have used one container. My mom is very interested to try using this and I think it’s a good idea so I have someone to compare my results to.

If you’re interested to buy this Maruichi Eye Cream, you can order directly inĀ