How To Set Up Your Own Service-Based Business

When it comes to setting up your own business, a lot of guides and tips focus on the product you are selling, however, there is a market for setting up a service-based business. Over the course of your life you will have built up skills and knowledge that can help people and provide them with assistance – whether that assistance is for their company or themselves – it would be invaluable to many potential customers. Below are a couple of ideas to help you decide whether a service-based business is the right career path for you and your lifestyle.

Life Coach

If you are someone who just wants to help people reach their true potential, and find a pathway in life that is sustainable and works towards achieving their goals this could be the path for you. It is wise to do your research to find a course near you or look online for a website like that offers an online course to provide you with the qualifications in order to become a Life Coach. Your research will give you some idea of the time and dedication needed to go from your position now, to launching your business. That being said, the time and money put into training will definitely be worth it when your first client is has achieved all the goals that you both set in place. Becoming a Life Coach will allow you to create your own schedule and have a career that is flexible to fit around your lifestyle.


Private Recruitment Consultant

If you have a background in sales, or just think that sales could be the right market for you, recruitment could be a good fit for your career. You could work for an established company from home, or you could set up as a solo consultant, however all your income would then be based solely on commission. As with all service-based businesses, you will need to be able to network effectively, but you will have to sell your services to two separate customers; the client (the company who is looking for staff) and the candidate (the person looking for a job). Your task will be to create strong working relationships from scratch with a variety of companies. It’s good to specialize in a particular sector to help you gain better traction and credibility too. This job is not for the faint of heart though; you will have to work long hours in order to meet your objectives. During office hours you will be busy with client meetings and preparing your candidates for interview, but outside of office hours, you may have to make calls to seek out potential new candidates for roles you have to fill. It’s a long process, and people can be tricky, letting you down at the last minute. But if you can stick it out to build up a good network and reputation, the earning potential is amazing.

Hopefully, this has given you some food for thought on how you can set up your own service-based business and change your career path to something that suits you. Create a career that inspires you every day, helps you feel accomplished, and makes you happy – and you’ll be set for life.

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