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Setting Up A Freelancer’s Professional Home Office – A Handy Guide

If you’re new in the realm of freelance work, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When it’s only you and your skillset justifying the amount of work you receive, you can become quite worried about the lack of support structures available to you. At least with a normal job, misconduct is approached with a warning, then a second warning, then a final warning. You have plenty of notice to correct your course of action. When working completely freelance, you may find that a job can be taken from you as quickly as you accepted it. Unless you work for a reputable subcontracting firm online, this can be a very worrying state of affairs?

The answer? Refining your competency. Make it so that you’re the most sought-after freelancer in the chosen field you have. You’ll only get there by building your reputation step by step. If you don’t have the fundamentals to put this in place, however, you’ll only experience issues trying to get to the top.

What fundamentals do you ask? We’d consider your home office to be a large percentage of the contributive success you wield. If you’re simply not equipped to handle the most important jobs you can take on, it’s going to be a hard push to becoming competent. In the early days, you may not have the funds to even allocate towards your freelancing, and there is where wise use of credit cards can come in. Check the information hosted at if looking to expand your credit awareness. After you’ve done this, consider implementing the following features of the perfect home office:


If you’ve so far gotten along with your laptop, it’s time to trade that in and purchase a functioning home computer. Set it up with plenty of desk space, in a well ventilated and comfortable area of your home. If you have children, make this area separate, and try to make it an off-limits area, within reason. Make sure your desktop is loaded with great RAM and CPU potential to run the programs you most need for your freelance work. Craft a cordoned off area for categorizing your binders and making organization an easier task.


You can only think well while working if the area is well lit. Working from a desktop in darkness can only make you feel lethargic, and that can prevent great work from taking place. Make sure that you light the room well with lamps, floor lights, and even decorative fairy lights if you’re looking to spur the creative ambiance.

Office Chair

Your office chair will be sat on for multiple hours a day, and so it’s so important to get this right. If your chair isn’t well calibrated, you can suffer from postural problems, and that has a real impact on how your body functions. Consider purchasing a premium one, and even one with a massage functionality if you have to compete with hefty deadlines on the regular. Also, purchase a lumbar support cushion, no matter how ergonomic your seating position is. This will help your spine adapt to the perfect raised seating position and help mitigate back problems. This will take a big investment, but the working comfort it will provide will allow you to take your mind off the chair you’re sat on and instead focus on the mental tasks ahead of you.

With these tips, you’ll be on the right footing to develop that perfect freelancing reputation.