Guest Post: The Far East Travel (Essential Fashion Guide)

In some countries, summer is coming to an end, but in others such as Thailand or Bora Bora, hot season is just about to start. Everybody is going to these exotic destinations, from anonymous people, to the glamourous celebrity couples and families, and for a reason. If you decide to travel to Thailand, make sure to research everything there is for you to know about this destination. Otherwise, you might not be well introduced to the culture and customs of the country, and that can get you in trouble. The type of climate Thailand has is also important to know so you can bring appropriate clothes. Aside from your passport and a good mood, you should bring great wardrobe and have in mind some additional suggestions this article is going to give you.


Thailand trip

First of all, you should pack efficiently. Every world traveler knows that comfortable footwear, such as ballet flats, espadrilles, or flat sandals always make a better choice than heels. Thailand, from my personal experience, is the land of fantastic islands, so any type of heel would not benefit you in any way.

A pair of lightweight linen pants is excellent to combine with numerous colorful footwear, such as sandals, or espadrilles.

chic 3

Maxi dresses became especially popular this year, so feel free to match it with a pair of chic sandals and an oversized hat in order to get a fabulous look.

Chic all the way

Your choice of attire will vary from destination to destination, but clothes like lace dress and silky playsuit are just inevitable. Match a playsuit with a pair of ballet flats, add a necklace, and you are ready for an evening walk.

Long beach dress matched with flat sandals and a stylish bag makes a top combination, as well.

Chic all the way

High-waist shorts combined with crop tops and espadrilles will let you walk and enjoy for hours.

Another chic piece of clothing is kaftan. If you wear it with some stylish slippers an oversized hat and some flashy sunglasses, someone might mistake you with a glamorous celebrity.

Match it like a pro

Considering summer nights are cold sometimes, a pair of jeans can come in handy. Ripped jeans are becoming more and more popular, and this piece of clothing in combination with a t-shirt, and a cardigan will make a fabulous outfit. Add flat sandals, or pair of sneakers alongside a flashy necklace, and you are all set.

Always remember to accessorize. Jewelry completes perfectly every single outfit; but not just jewelry – hats, sunglasses, scarfs, and bags can really make a difference. Bamboo clutch bag is an excellent accessory to your outfit, especially on Thailand. Satchels are also very trendy, so you can try to combine it with some jeans and a silk blouse. Add some flat, black sandals and you will have a winning combination.


The most important piece of clothing you bring to a summer vacation is definitely a swimsuit. If you choose to travel at the end of August or beginning of September, you are in for a treat. Every city is full of latest swimwear sale, which is a great opportunity for you to buy another perfect piece that was too expensive in the middle of the season. However, do not wait too long for the discounts to go up, because you might just not find the size you need.

You have got all the advice you need to travel safe and fully packed. Feel free to experiment with outfits and add some other pieces of clothes or accessory, on your own. Who knows, you might become the next fashion icon.