The Truth Behind Break-Up Lines (Non-BS!)

Warning! This post might be blunt and maybe some brutal honesty but it’s all about the truth behind every break-up line. Ending a relationship can be nasty and full of lies but don’t you think it’s time to be honest with your partner since it’s the last time you’ll be together? If you’re the one initiating the breakup, don’t you think your partner deserves the truth? Here are some of the common break-up lines and what they really mean.

1. Let’s start with the very famous, “it’s not you, it’s me”. Number one BS of all time, ofcourse it’s you (if you initiate it!)! You can go out with anyone else except them. Why? Because you fell out of love, you’ve got to admit the truth that it’s just not working out with them. Just be honest, they might not take it the way you want them to but atleast your conscience is clear :)

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2. Moving on to the common “you need someone else because I can’t give you what you want”. Come on, you know you could give it to them, you just won’t give it, because they’re not worth it anymore. If they love you, you can rock their world and you’re all they’ll ever want but because you don’t feel the same way anymore, you just can’t make them happy because it would be too much of an effort for you now.


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3. And my favorite line “You deserve someone better”. Can they really find someone better when they think you’re already the best? Stop blabbing about all their nice qualities like they’re the best because for you, they don’t make the cut. It’s hard to admit to them that they’re just not the one you’re looking for and they don’t have the qualities you want in a partner.


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4. Please stop asking them “Are you okay?” after you break their heart. Ofcourse they’re not okay! There’s nothing more hurtful than having the one you love walk away and telling you it’s not working out and you’ll have to go separate ways. They will feel horrible and hurt so don’t act like they will understand. No they will not and they will probably hate you but then again, one day someone will walk in their lives and make them realize why it never worked out with you.


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5. And the no-brainer “So, can we at least still be friends?”. Stop being a hyprocrite and admit the truth that you don’t have any plans in being friends with them. After all you’ve been through, ups, downs, dates and fights, do you really want to stay friends with them? I don’t think so. Unless it’s a mutual break-up, I guess that’s an exception.


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It’s never easy to end a relationship especially with someone you have shared your life with. No matter how careful you are of your actions and words, it will really hurt. Being honest might be very hard to do but it’s the best thing you can do. Are there any blunt breakup lines you want to share? I’d like to hear from you! :)