What to Wear for the Festival Season 2017

What to Wear for the Festival Season of 2017?

Festival season is already in full swing! Did you get the chance to visit any yet?

Don’t despair! There’s still time to rock your style for everyone to see. However, there are some new trends you should know about before you plan your outfit. Out goes the metallic jacket that was huge last year, replaced by denim jackets, neon tops and colorful glasses.

We visited a couple of festivals to see what fashion trends were the most popular among concert-goers. Here are the hottest ones:

Logo Tees

Before you even reach out to pack that crochet top, don’t. Instead, go for a logo tee to complete your look for this festival season. You can choose from a bold political statement, a witty slogan or a logo everyone will recognize like Coca-Cola or Metallica. Either way, you can’t miss with a logo tee this season.


Flash Tattoos

Wearing jewelry at a festival is too risky, especially if it’s vintage jewelry with huge sentimental value. If your favorite bracelet gets torn and lost in the crowd, there’s no going back.

But how can you add that extra something to your outfit?

Simple! Enter flash tattoos. These and similar temporary metallic tattoos are available at a variety of websites like TattooFun.com. They are like jewelry you cannot lose and you can combine the different patterns anyway you want to make jewelry that fits you. Apart from tattooing metallic bracelets and necklaces, girls are wearing these along with cubic zirconia motifs on their faces, finding interesting ways to accent their eyes.

Colorful Shades

This early 2000’s trend is back again! If you really want to update your look, get yourself a pair of colorful sunglasses. You can choose the color to match your hair or your outfit. If you cannot decide, pink sunglasses are a huge trend this festival season.

Neon Bandeau

When it comes to dance festivals, you cannot go wrong with neon. A neon bandeau is great as it is fashionable and can help you not feel the heat. You can wear it on its own or rock it under a low-cut top.


Chucks are timeless. Plain and simple. They have been festival goers’ favorite footwear ever since the 60’s and they still look pretty impressive with any outfit. On top of that, they are colorful, comfortable and will stay on your feet even if you dance the whole night away.


Birds, leafs, flowers and traditional patterns are a huge festival trend. Girls are rocking transparent tees, dresses and jumpsuits with embroidery. Embroiled clothes are a huge trend everywhere, from festivals to beaches and catwalks.

Huge Earrings

When it comes to picking earrings for this festival season, the bigger the better. Huge earrings with fringes are a must. This colorful trend can add a dash of color to any outfit, and even better you can make them yourself for an extra dash of your unique personality.

festival 2


This festival season of 2017 seems to be dominated by denim. Choose any denim style and make it your own with patches and pins. As long as it’s denim it doesn’t matter which model you choose. You can even pair a denim top and bottom for the real deal.